Why Kink



Red stripey backsides and bite marks on shoulders
Dark deviant threats and brats growing bolder
Pretty rope bunnies hung from the ceiling
Sinister smiling sadists giving warm fuzzy feelings

Pretty bridled ponies and sharp biting whips
Collars and leashes and strong pounding fists
Sweet little subbies that kneel in submission
Juicy little slits perfect for fisting

Paddles and canes and lots of toy stashes
Cocks in cages and bois taking lashes
Boots blacked with a tear streaked cheek beneath
Wicked sharp knives out of their sheaths

Girls in tight corsets with breasts overflowing
Scratches and bruises and welts proudly showing
Pretty pierced nipples with cold metal rings
Tormented masochists, bodies made to sing

When the whip bites
When the cane stings
When I’m feeling sinky
I cry and I moan and thank the Gods that I’m kinky

Written for The Kinklings. Topic: Why Kink.

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