Why I Share my Imperfect Poly

I write as therapy. I write to help make sense of things in my head. I write because the words beat me up if I don’t get them out.

I share the things I write because I like knowing that my words are touching others. I share because I want to help other people who may be trying to figure out poly, figure out poly. I want people to know that it is hard work, because the more educated we are and the more realistic we are the better poly becomes for everyone.

My words may not always be flattering, they may not always be warm and fuzzy. But, my poly is not always flattering, it is not always warm and fuzzy… sometimes it is downright fucking hard. If I’m going to write and share all the warm and fuzzies, I want to share the fucking hard stuff too.

imperfectpoly_2The things I write may provide a less than flattering look at what real poly looks like. That’s because real poly is not all sweetness and light. Sometimes poly is just downright fucking ugly. The good comes with the bad. The sweet with the sour and with the wonder of excellent poly moments comes the ugly, hard, behind the scenes shit we had to go through to get to the wonder.

I learn a little something from everything I read here and I have lessons of my own to share. Because I share my poly in both it’s goodness and it’s imperfection, others here may find a different perspective, a new angle, a lesson learned that maybe they didn’t have to learn the hard way.

I love sharing my poly. I love sharing my growth. I love sharing my experiences because through them, I touch the lives of others. I help. I teach. I save. I believe when we are gifted with a talent, we are supposed to use that talent for good and never in my life have my words been used for more good than when I share them here.

Those things are important to me, so I share… the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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