So a few years ago Daddy and I caught the twitter bug and decided to find out what all the buzz was about. We got on and pretty much immediately ended up on the naughty side of twitter. If you aren’t too familiar with twitter, there are at least three sides to twitter.

A very boring vanilla-let’s-talk-about-kids-and-cookies-and-pinterest side
the this-is-my-business-and-i-love-twitter-for-advertising-because-it-actually-fucking-works side
the oh-wow-you-put-his-cock-where-and-did-what-with-whose-nipples-ooohhhhh-i-think-I-like-you naughty side

We had a lot of fun on naughty twitter and met some really amazing people. Some of those people even crossed over into our fet lives and a few even crossed over into our real lives. But our lives were transitioning. We were going through some stuff and we needed to focus on us so we left the naughty world of twitter and tumblr and sex blogging behind. We spent some time focused on our marriage and our personal growth in the local BDSM scene, moved to Georgia and repaired the broken places that had developed while we were in Texas. Our life is in such an amazing state of goodness now. So many things have adjusted and changed and evolved, all for the good.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about twitter. Naughty twitter is an awful lot of fun. And, for a social butterfly like me, twitter is like the biggest, sparkliest (yeah, that’s not a word – don’t care I’m using it anyway) playground EVER. I am a people person. I need interaction. I need people. I need conversation… stimulation… flirting… joking… fun chatter in my life. In direct contradiction to that need, I work alone in an office all day. That is really difficult for me. Some days I feel like I am going straight out of my head. Facebook and Fetlife curb the need a little but really they are just sort of hit or miss when it comes to keeping me company when I am alone in the office.

So, a couple of weeks ago I brought twitter up to Daddy again and we decided that it might be ok for me to play on twitter again. Yah!!! #happybella

So I started a new account and added a few old friends. Not sure exactly what I’ll do with the account but it will be nice to have company during the day again.  So stop by and say hi.

naughtytwitter2@kinkiadorabella 😉 see you on the playground!


2 thoughts on “Twitterbuggin’

  1. I know exactly what you mean with social media helping you while working in a small office all alone. My hubby and I took a Twitter break in January and it was the longest week ever. I didn’t realize how much I relied on that interaction as part of getting me through the day. Welcome back to twitter! 🙂

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