There is a freedom


There is a freedom in being able to talk honestly with someone. I mean really talk honestly about anything.

. without fear of repercussions or judgement
. without fear of hurt feelings or bruised egos
. without fear that malice or deception will be applied to your words in their mind
. without worry of how they will respond because you KNOW that they will hear what you are saying without applying their own spin to your words
. without worry that they will flip out and lose their shit over the conversation or topic
. without worry that you’ll be brushed off, that your concerns will be deemed unimportant

There is a freedom in being able to talk to a person who listens with intention, someone who will take your words in and process them intelligently, rationally, with care and careful thought.

There is a freedom in KNOWING that they will hear your words, that they will take them in, process them internally, think them through, acknowledge any words, thoughts and emotions that your words evoked in them… and only after they have processed those thoughts and emotions will they respond. Sometimes this takes a matter of seconds, sometimes hours… days… weeks.

listen2There is a freedom in talking to someone who can listen to whatever is being said to them and to respond in such a way that the speaker finds it easy to be honest, to be true, to talk about the hard stuff with them.

There is a freedom in being able to talk openly and honestly without fear of how my thoughts and words will be received.

There is a freedom in being that kind of listener and if you aren’t there yet, in striving to be.

That is a worthy goal.


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