The Un-Pantied Princess


My Panty Drawer

I am a panty girl. I love panties. I definitely have a panty fetish, one that goes back a long, long way. For as long as I can remember, I have had a thing for wearing pretty panties and, as I got older, for girls who wear pretty panties.

When I was younger I was also a skirt girl. I wore skirts all the time, but as I gained weight… that changed. Some of my readers are familiar with my current and on-going weight loss. Since December, I’ve lost 40 pounds and gone down 4 dress sizes. Because of the changes in my body, I find myself wearing dresses and skirts more often. Daddy noticed this and mentioned that he would like me to NOT wear panties on days when I wear dresses / skirts.

ACK!!! Oh Dear!


This idea is so completely outside of my comfort zone.  I don’t do commando outside the house… like, ever… I could easily see this suggestion sending me running back to my blue jeans and I told him that.

We talked about it some more and found some middle ground, compromised and decided that if I planned to wear a dress or a skirt to a kink event or on date night, that I would do so with no panties underneath. My very first thought was that I had already decided to wear a new dress (a very short dress made of a very thin fabric) to the munch we were planning to attend last night. Biting my lip, knowing that was going to be the first time the new rule would be in place, I agreed… with just the slightest hesitation. His grin, when I agreed, was totally worth the discomfort I felt at the idea.

pantygirl3That was over the weekend. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I came home early to get ready for the munch. I fixed my hair and shaved my legs. I figured with no panties covering it, the kitty should be shaven nice and clean too, so I did that as well… you know, just in case. I applied my make up and slipped into my new dress and dress collar.

Talking to some twitter friends, as I was getting ready, about my case of nerves at being pantiless and the cute, kinky swinger couple we’ve been flirting with being at the munch had me blushing and my mind racing with the naughty comments they were making. Comments about who might feel the need to check under my skirt for appropriate smoothness at dinner and pretty girls making trips to the ladies room to sneak a peek at porn and who wouldn’t forgive a couple of sexy kittens for needing a few extra minutes, after all… oh boy.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I realized, nervously, that with only a couple of inches of lift of that little skirt it was quite easily seen that there were no panties under there. Standing before Daddy, asking how I looked he instructed me to lift the skirt and show him that there were no panties. I did, blushing the whole time. He smiled his approval.

On the drive, Daddy’s fingertips kept brushing my thighs. My head filled with images of him pulling over to the side of the road somewhere, directing me to get  of the car, and yanking that little skirt up around my hips… pushing me against the car door and fucking the daylights out of me, leaving me not only unpantied but also leaking his cum from a tender pussy as we had dinner…

Finally, we arrived at the munch. We arrived a little early and found seats. I scored a seat next to the cute girl half of the couple (cute doesn’t really do her justice, she is quite beautiful and unbelievably sexy, and smart and talented… you get the idea, but we’ll go with cute). Daddy was sitting across the small table from me.  The three of us were making small talk and with every passing second I was more and more aware of the bareness under my skirt. Somewhere, mid-conversation, the thought of her hand sliding discreetly up my bare thigh, under the table… slipping up and under the flimsy fabric without missing a beat in her conversation, my breath catching at her unexpected but gentle touch and my thighs parting wantonly flitted through my lust addled mind. Such a distracting thought.

pantygirl2The room started to fill up around us. It was incredibly sexy knowing that no one but Daddy knew that just inches above my hemline I was more exposed than I have ever been while sitting down to dinner in a restaurant. A naughty little secret.

The new crush (a local friend I’ve been chatting with for a few weeks) arrived and sat across from me, at a separate table just a little behind and caddy corner to Daddy. Looking up, I could see them both. Throughout the evening, I caught myself crossing and uncrossing my legs, a habit I have anytime I’m sitting for long periods. Usually I think nothing of this, but tonight I found myself wondering if he could see anything when I did it.

He knew about the no panty rule. Knowing that he knew, just added to my blushing… but it also added to my naughty thoughts. My fingers toying with the hemline, I thought of lifting it just a little, just a secret little second in time flash of bare flesh. I didn’t, but just the thought induced more blushing and a little grin.

The cute boy half of the couple arrived and took his seat on the bench seat between me and his girl. Kinky, naughty, perverted thoughts went strait into overdrive. I glanced up and caught Daddy looking at me. I smiled. Looking at his handsome face, the thought of his hands gripping my hips as he slid his cock inside of me or his fingers twisting and pulling my nipples filled my mind. My eyes flicked from him to the new crush, meeting his eyes as a grin crossed his lips and the cute boy’s arm brushed against mine. Lust in overdrive as deliciously dangerous thoughts of the three of them and me teased my imagination and threatened to leave a wet spot on my skirt.

Then, the cute girl said something that drew my attention to her. Looking over at her, listening to her talk… I found my eyes drawn to her lips and all I wanted to do was kiss her pretty mouth, to catch a lusty sigh as it rolled off her tongue and onto mine.

I really have no idea how I contributed any logical thought to the conversations that were going on around me with all this naughtiness bouncing around in my head and the tingling I felt between my thighs, but I’m almost positive I did manage to do so. The evening went on like this until finally it was time to go. Standing around outside with all of them, the naughty thoughts continued along the same paths as the gentle breeze toyed with my skirt and I fought the urge to hold it tightly to my thighs.

We said our goodbyes, shared hugs all around and began the hour long drive home.

A few minutes into the drive home, Daddy’s fingers were on my thighs again… higher than before, brushing against my bare pussy lips and pressing my thighs to open for him. I put the seat back a little and opened myself to the invasion of his fingers. Pinching and pulling my pussy lips, stroking my clit, he had me cumming in a matter of minutes and he brought me to the edge and over several times on the long drive home. Passing truckers paying any attention to the girl in the car next to them with her bare feet on the dash, definitely got a little show on their late night drive.


The lust carried into the bedroom where a sweet goodnight kiss culminated in a very rough, one hand on my throat and one over my nose and mouth chokefucking that sent me floating as I came again and again for him. mmmmmmm yes, indeed.

For a panty girl, being unpantied certainly made for an interesting and incredibly lusty evening. I wonder if it will be this way each time or if, eventually, I’ll get used to being so exposed, feeling so naughty and the lust levels will return to their normal pantied level. I guess only time and experiences will tell.

So, stay tuned… cuz, you know I’ll be telling the story as we go along.

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4 thoughts on “The Un-Pantied Princess

  1. That sounds like an awesome evening, and you looked fantastic. I love that dress! My hubby and I are going to a vanilla adult bday party tomorrow and I’m thinking of wearing my butt plug there. I did when we went to a family wedding this past winter 😉

    • It was pretty awesome. Very sexy and naughty. Two of my favorite things. LOL we’ll have to work up to plugs of any sort.

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