The He of a different effort

Something I did caught his eye, captured his interest. I may never know what it was, but then he did something crazy.

He took a minute.
He read my profile. At the very least, he read the high points.
He smiled.
He said hello.
He shook Daddy’s hand.
He watched my scene but stood out of the way.
He made himself aware of my situation and the kind of girl that I am.
He watched.
He observed.
He asked politely.
He was genuinely interested in knowing me better as a person.
He gently tested the waters to see if I had noticed him.
He interacted with me in the open, not yet invading any of my private spaces.
He was interested in the chemistry and the way that it may build more than he was determined to get into the space between my panties and my skin.
He approached prepared.
He was respectful every time we interacted.
He showed that same respect to my marriage and it’s place of priority in my life.
He sincerely enjoyed the company of both me and Daddy.
He did not mind taking the time, putting in the effort or doing the work to be more than the rest.

He caught my eye.
He captured my attention.
He was the one who won my Daddy’s approval.

In return, we reciprocated each effort he made and a beautiful bond was built between three.

I know it sounds crazy to some of the men out there in the great big kink communities, online and in real life, but this guy… he is the one that will get to the places you claim to want to be. A lesson could be learned from this guy. Don’t tell me he doesn’t exist. I know a few of them personally.

* NOTE *
The very same writing could be used for the women who might be interested in making the first move.

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