The Element of Surprise

Kari waved and smiled as she passed His receptionist and headed back to His office. Janet, the receptionist waved back as she gathered her things and left the office for her lunch break. Kari slipped into His office and closed the door behind her. She knew she had a few minutes before He would arrive. She walked slowly around this space where He spent His days.

She could smell the masculine scent of his aftershave in the air. Running her hands over smooth mahogany of the shelves where He kept His books, gently sliding her fingertips down the spines of one or two of them. She found the one she had given Him for His birthday last year and a smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she remembered the party and taking his birthday spankings for him. She had giggled through it and counted each stroke just like a good girl should.

She sat in his chair and spun it around like a little girl playing in Daddy’s office. She felt the cool silk of her dress brush against her knees as the chair went around. She gently drug the toes of her pretty new heels against the carpet to stop the spinning. Glancing at the clock she saw her time was getting short and went quickly to the wooden box He kept in the dark corner of the closet. As Kari pulled the box from the closet, she felt herself getting wet at the thought of all the naughty toys and implements inside.

She knelt before the box and gingerly opened the lid, she smiled at the sight of all of evil little toys in the box and plucked out the two He had given her instructions to have on when He arrived. She moved the center of His desk, opposite from His chair. She put the leather cuffs on each wrist and leaning over the desk, bent at the waist, forcing her hips up and her bottom out. She slid the blindfold over her eyes and adjusted it so she couldn’t see anything and then, feeling her way, she attached the cuffs to the rounded silver handle of the little drawer in the middle of His desk. She tugged gently and, as she expected, the little drawer was locked and provided the resistance He wanted.

She settled comfortably into the position she knew He was expecting to find her in when He walked in. Arms stretched tight above her head, shackled to the desk, forehead resting on the cool glass covering the soft wood of the desk, bent at the waist, hips and bottom up and legs apart. She knew the tops of her stockings were visible in this position, just teasing at the bottom of the skirt. Her mind began to settle and clear as she waited.

She heard the doorknob turning and knew He was on the other side.  Her body began to tingle in anticipation. She heard the soft click as the door closed and His footfalls across the carpet as He approached her. Her body responded to His closeness, growing wet between her legs, her nipples hardening against the desk. She felt His intensity as He looked over her without touching her. She struggled to stay still and not squirm.

Kari felt the toe of His shoe nudge her heeled feet and obediently spread her legs farther apart. He stood between her open legs. She could feel His body heat and longed for the pressure of His body against hers, but He stood still. Lifting her left foot, she slid the toe of her shoe around His ankle in a caress. He smacked her ass hard. She jumped, yelped, and quickly put her foot back on the floor. She thought about explaining herself but something felt different about Him today. He didn’t seem to be in the mood for their normal light and playful banter.

She felt Him shift behind her. She couldn’t be completely sure but it felt like he was squatted down behind her. The thought of His mouth so close to the wetness He was creating between her legs almost made her cum. She breathed through it and fought the urge to modestly close her legs. His fingertips brushed the tops of her thigh high stockings and she shivered, moaning softly.

Then she felt a wholly new sensation. A light, painful pinpoint prick on the back of her thigh just above the stockings. Lifting her head as the question formed on her lips, His hand fell hard against her bottom again and His voice growled into the room, “Head down, slut. Do not speak unless instructed.”

She faltered for a moment. He had never talked to her like that before. Part of her wanted to object, seriously what right did He have to talk to Her like that? But another part of her responded instinctively to the authority in His voice and, compelled by that instinct, she put her head back down and tried to prepare for what the next few hours might hold… this was a wholly new side of Him, this man she was so in love with.

The painful little pinprick was back. She felt His strong hand wrapped around the front of the same thigh and then the owie little pinprick turned into a scratch as He moved whatever He was holding down the sheer fabric of her stockings. She heard the silky fabric of her tights being… sliced? Could that be right? Was He holding a knife to her skin? She was breathless as the questions raced through her mind. The sliced fabric fell away from her leg and tickled the sensitive skin. She squirmed and felt the point jump. Her breath caught as He leaned forward and licked the spot of blood from the back of her thigh. She shivered.

The tip of the knife… if that’s what it was, went back to work on her stockings. She felt the sheer fabric pool around her ankle. He lifted her foot, removing the sexy heel and she felt the point against the sole of her foot and heard the slicing sound again as the stocking fell from her body to the floor. She was wet and tingling, and her breath was coming in short bursts. He put her foot down and she had to stay on her toes without the heel on. His hand slid around the front of her other thigh and she braced herself for the painful little prick.

And then it was there just above the stocking that was still in tact. He pressed the tip of the knife against her thigh until she couldn’t stay quiet and a little owwww slipped past her lips on a moan. He chuckled and slid the knife through the top of the stockings and Kari groaned deep in her throat as the fabric split and lifted away from her skin. He followed the same pattern on this foot, removing her shoe and slicing completely through the fabric to her toes.  He slid the point of the knife up the back of both of her thighs, applying just enough pressure to make her squirm.

He ran His hands up the back of her thighs, over her ass and under the silky material of her skirt. She felt the cool edge of the knife in small of her back and sucked in her breath. With a deft stroke of His of strong arm, He sliced through the thin material from waist to hem and the fabric fluttered to the floor in a puddle at her feet, baring her bottom which was now dressed only in her favorite thong panties.

She gasped as the fabric fell away, and her head whipped around, eyes wide, behind the blindfold, with surprise at this new side of Him. His eyes glinted gleefully at Kari’s surprise and His hands came crashing down on her bottom, one on each cheek in a reminder that she was supposed to keep her forehead on the desk. She yelped and squirmed with the painful slaps, unable to turn away from this man she had come to love… this man with an almost evil gleam in his eye and a wicked sharp knife in his hand. He spanked her again, three hard strokes this time and with His other hand shoved her head back onto the desk. Whimpering, with her mind twisted and her panties soaked, she stayed in position.

Walking around to the other side of His desk, He unclipped her hands and instructed her to turn over onto her back. She did so, obediently and felt the stretch of her body as her toes reached for the floor and He clipped her hands back to the drawer. She felt the tip of the knife against her cheek and held her breath in terrified but thrilling anticipation. He ran the tip of the knife down her cheek and over her throat, pressing the tip into the delicate hollow and smirking as she swallowed hard against the cool metal. Leaning over her, He used the knife to pop off the buttons on her blouse, exposing the pretty lacy bra and sexy swell of her amazing breasts beneath it.

Her breath caught and a whimper slipped past her lips as He slid the knife along the lacy cups over each breast, sliding it just inside the fabric and against her hardened nipples. With a skillful flick of His wrist, the flimsy fabric of her bra was sliced in two in the valley between her breasts. He nudged aside the lace and satin, exposing Kari’s nipples to the cool air and traced an X pattern over each one with the sharp tip of His knife. She shuddered beneath Him and He smiled.

Lowering His mouth to the little buds He took them into His mouth in turn, sucking each one mercilessly while He slid the knife over her belly and sliced the ribbon of fabric her panties provided and as each side of her panties were sliced, He felt her body quiver and give way to the orgasm His mouth created. Pulling her panties up through her legs and into His hand, He slapped each nipple playfully and squatted down so His mouth was close to her ear.

“It would appear, my angel, that you are in need of proper clothing for the rest of our afternoon. Count to 5o. Then, uncuff yourself and find today’s apparel in the back of the closet.  Get dressed and meet me in the bar downstairs in 15 minutes.” He instructed. She shivered, goosebumps rising over her skin. He smiled, and added, “Edge yourself at least five times as you dress. Fifteen minutes, angel. Don’t be late.” The last words spoken with a new edge in His voice. She felt her body respond to the demand she heard there as she started counting and heard the door close behind Him.



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