The Beast

beauty and the beast12

He is my Big Bad wolf. My beast. My most terrifying nightmare and my hottest fucking wet dream come to life.

My need calls to Him and captures His attention.

Lingering, He looks me over.

I stop short, my breath caught in my throat, standing bare before Him.

I see Him looking at me as though He might devour me at any moment.

His eyes feast on my exposed flesh, He thinks of licking the skin from my very bones.

His need vibrant as any living thing, hanging in the air between us as He begins to circle me.

Standing very still, I watch Him. He thrills me. He tempts me. He frightens me. Still… I stay.

I watch as His tongue slides over His lips, licking His chops, imagining how my flesh will taste when He comes to feast on me.

His nostrils flare as the scent of my arousal fills the air.

I see His muscles tense and my pulse quickens. He waits, restraining Himself… drawing out the moment, the tension in the air slips over my skin and I shiver.

I feel the danger in the air. It is heady, exhilarating. I grin wickedly. He terrifies me. I know He will swallow me whole and I don’t care if I will survive Him or not. I want His teeth on me.

Stinging jolts of electricity slide from my tummy to my cunt as I hear His low, throaty growl, filled with an undeniable hunger for my flesh, for my innocence. He circles ever closer.

He tightens the circle, His intensity intoxicates me and my knees weaken.

His eyes dancing with mine, unable to look away, my soul an open book as He learns every page intimately.

His sharp senses are honed to my very breath, my heartbeat is felt in His fingertips as He circles closer.

Unable to stand. Compelled by my own primal need, I fall to my knees, my head bowed, I offer myself to the beast without restraint.

In a storm of heat and electricity he closes the circle in two strides of His long, powerful legs.

In a flash He is upon me, His hands binding me, His teeth marking me, claiming me as His own.

He devours me, all that I am, forever altering all that I will ever be… leaving His undeniable mark on me.

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