Stroking My Mental G-Spot

mentalgspot6I will be 39 in two months. From everything I’ve ever read and everything I’ve ever heard, I should be hitting my sexual prime right about now. Craving sex, wanting it, needing it, must having it. Soooooo… that leaves me to wonder just where the fuck has my libido run off too.

mentalgspot4It’s been gone now for a few weeks. Just gone. Online, offline, alone, with my partners… doesn’t matter. The desire level is frighteningly low, especially for me. Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I am a highly sexual creature. I love sex and all things sexual. But lately, it’s just gone. How does that happen? It’s very strange. I’ve been thinking about it… a lot.


Daddy and I were trying to think of ways to get the sex drive back in gear. I couldn’t come up with much during our conversation, but as I think about it a few things occurred to me. Hopefully we can spend a little time putting my naughty back in place. (A sexy date night to include our first trip to the swinger’s club, a sexy new dress and something with a lot less material for later should help too *grins*)

One thing I’ve always known is that my sex drive is directly connected to my brain. Any really good sexual experience, for me, is going to start with my partner or potential partner getting into my head. A mental connection and visceral chemistry gets my sex drive boiling over long before the act of actually getting physical happens.

Some things that I find sexy as FUCK that have absolutely nothing to do with the physicality of having sex and EVERYTHING to do with my desire to have sex:

Well used words, especially ones that use correct (or mostly correct) grammar and spelling, will always be an excellent start.

Eye contact and subtle touches that send that little jolt of electricity across my skin. Yes, please.

Honesty and integrity and a direct, no nonsense way of speaking. Oh.My.Goodness. *swoons* Pull it off without sounding like a dick, *dizzy girl swoons*

Engage me in real conversation about anything.

Respect my intelligence. Wait, respect… yes, but also… even more importantly than respecting it, enjoy it.

mentalgspot3Love that I am conversationally flexible.

Challenge my mind to think without it being a debate and you will most definitely find yourself there more often.

Be someone worth pursuing.

Intrigue me.

Be interesting and be interested.

Have dreams and desires, goals and plans.

Know where you stand on things. Don’t waver. Be consistent.

Act and speak with purpose and intent.

Be mysterious without being obtuse.

Flirt with me.

Don’t make me guess at your intentions or feelings.

Lead a fun, mostly drama free life. Let me be a part of it. Don’t bring drama into my life.

Don’t be a dick. There is a time and a place for being a dick. In your every day life, that’s not the time or place.

Be confident. Know your worth. Don’t settle for less. Don’t second guess or over think.

Be bold.

Be spontaneous.

Be flexible.

Let me compliment you. Believe me when I do.

Be nice to other people.

Be weird and love my weirdness.

Reciprocated adoration and lust.

Be not afraid.

Use your mind. Form your own opinions about things. Share those opinions without insisting others adopt them.

Suggestive use of words that sets my imagination to work and leaves me feeling a bit tingly.

Don’t discount things that are important to me.

Don’t make me fight for every little thing I want. What you want in your life will be important to me, what I want in my life should be important to you. That is how balance is achieved and balance is SEXY AS FUCK.

Want me. Reach for me. Kiss me in public. Really, any public acts of affection get my mental gspot purring.

Text me. Mention me. Poke me. @ me. Play with me. I love that shit! 🙂



I imagine that these things will work for lots of people and it’s not comprehensive. There are so many little things that get my motor purring before the first kiss or touch is ever applied. Foreplay that starts hours before sex is easily the best foreplay… ever.

What are some things that get your juices flowing? Add them in the comments. Let’s see just what kind of list we can come up with. Maybe if you ever need an idea to kick start your libido, you just might find one here 😉



2 thoughts on “Stroking My Mental G-Spot

  1. 1. Physical, SENSUAL touch outside the bedroom is DEFINITELY one thing that gets my heart racing. Touching people for a living does have it’s disadvantaged, the biggest one being a HUGE “skin hunger” to BE touched! Pulling me in close for a hug is one thing; that’s necessary for me to feel loved and safe, and to make sure I’ve said my goodbyes and “I love you’s” to someone in case the unthinkable happens, but it doesn’t make me feel desired. Pinning me to the counter or the car (or really ANYWHERE) with his body just to kiss me intimately, or to nuzzle (or nibble) my neck with his mouth (even better if it’s surrounded by facial hair)… THAT makes me feel desired! A hand on the back of my neck or on my shoulder squeezing less than gently tells me that HE is still in control, even in the most vanilla, public setting, makes me feel the urge to kneel before everyone and show them who I belong to. Trailing a hand down my arm it’s on my leg or across my shoulders just in passing is so much more arousing when done in the middle of every day situations than when trying to introduce me into sex.

    2. KISSING… Oh my god, kissing me with passion, enjoying the sensation of making out forit’s own sake, will almost guarantee access to more intimate things! An snacking kids can be so much better than mediocre sex, and can ramp my libido up from zero to a million like nothing else! It is so much more intimate than fucking… And can make the act of sex so much more intense and the orgasms so much harder!

    3. Indulge my intellect without trying to one-up me. Teach me something new, but not in a condescending way, our learn something new with me. Watch a documentary with me and discuss your views on the subject with me, and listen to mine. Show me your sexy brain and show a genuine interest in mine, and you will be so much closer to seeing other parts of my anatomy more intimately!

    4. Do something nice for me, or someone else, without expecting anything in return. Kindness is extremely sexy, and I love rewarding it with physical pleasure.

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