So Loved

It’s the unfiltered happy smiles when we see each other for the first time in months, bouncing in our need to get our arms around each other. It’s being run to and hugged so hard that my feet come two feet off the ground and all of the breath is squeezed out of me. It’s the non stop poking, playing, giggling, getting each other in trouble that seems to happen whenever we get within a few feet of each other. It’s knowing that they got out of bed exhausted to the point of tears just to go see a movie with us, going to a munch they hadn’t planned on attending…. waking up at 7 am just to spend one last hour together before we have to leave.

It’s laughing until my face hurts over the stupidest stuff. It’s feeding off each other’s craziness until the conversation degenerates to pimping el porchoppae and El pollo caliente and buying Cadillacs and knocking the unwilling in the head with a brick ( HEY don’t judge… you just don’t know… ) It’s Koi fish ass tats, straws in the back yard, and Wilson and the inner circle and dead legs and nipple pinches and bbqs and impromptu paint parties at Crystals.


It’s play parties and the Dtypes sharing evil, sadistic ideas, toys and techniques while the s-types giggle, cuddled up getting nervous and maybe poking the D – types just a little bit as they scheme… just a little though.

It’s the stories we spin, the laughs we share, standing up for each other, covering each other, protecting those we love, the hurts we help each other through. It’s being missed, being loved, being accepted exactly as we are, unconditionally. It’s letting down every guard and just being exactly who we are and knowing that our unguarded hearts are safe, protected, wanted. It’s being a part of the family that I can’t imagine my life without. Freindships so intense that time apart and miles between fade to nothing the moment we are all together again.

People wonder why I have such a hard time leaving SWLA. It’s not the place… it’s always the people. I am amazingly lucky to be a member of this house, of this family. I am made a better person just by knowing them. They are my family, my loves, my best freinds.

familyA picture is worth a thousand words… this one perfectly sums up how I feel…

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