She Offered Comfort, I Gladly Took It – Erotica


I needed comfort. I needed a quiet place to get lost. I turned to her. She offered wine, food, conversation. A night just for the girls to be girls, she said. I had taken her up on the offer. We cooked, we ate, we drank, we talked and talked and talked some more. The night was winding down. It was late and two bottles had been emptied.

She beckoned me to sit with her on the couch. I went to her. She opened her arms to me, an offer I couldn’t refuse. Curling into her, she closed her arms tightly around me and cuddled down into my embrace. We sat quietly together.

A pretty girl’s arms wrapped around me. Her sweet scent filled my senses. Her soft hair brushed my cheeks. Her fingertips grazed my skin as she absently petted me.  She offered her arms as a retreat, her breasts as a soft place to rest my head. Her ears for my sorrows. Sweet support and gentle distraction.

Her hands gently stroking my hair, quieted my mind. A soft stroke of her fingers along my neck and a sweet sigh in her throat, her heartbeat quickened when a near silent moan escaped my lips on a breath.

Just the slightest adjustment of my head and my lips were against the skin of her neck. Her breath caught as mine released, giving her chills. Her back arching her further into me.

Two shy girls. Holding still in the safe embrace of each other’s arms. Hesitant. Nervous. Wanting each other but unsure of how to ask.

My lips brushed against the pulse in her throat, a hesitant kiss, offering myself to her shyly. A fevered moan exhaled into the air between us.

Her sweet response emboldened me. I shifted, moving my body seductively along the length of hers, sliding my foot over her calf and kissing her neck again, brazenly. Meaning it. Sharing my need with her, willing her to respond to it.

Sliding my hand under the hem of her nightshirt, her flesh, heated, against my palm as I slid my hand up her side, resting just so that my thumb could gently stroke the underside of her breasts… tentative, testing the waters. Her hand over mine, now. My eyes flicked upwards, over her flushed cheeks and parted lips… meeting her hungry gaze. Her beautiful eyes, filled with want, sent shivers through me.

A gentle pressure of her hand against mine encouraged my exploration. Cupping her breast, my thumb brushed her nipple, and it hardened at my touch. She sighed, her eyes fluttered closed as she gave herself, wantonly, to my touch.

My lips traced sweet kisses along her neck, my tongue flicking her earlobe just before my teeth found purchase, biting hard enough to elicit a sexy little gasp. I grinned, sucking gently where my teeth just were.

Rolling her nipple between my fingers, lowering my mouth to hers I caught her escaping moan on my tongue as I licked her lips, kissing her for the first time. Her lips soft against mine, her tongue sweet in my mouth. Biting and sucking at each other’s lips, the exploration of our hands earnest in their need to know every inch of each other’s skin.

The kiss grew fervent, our bodies writhing against each other, whispered lust and need, as the world faded away, leaving only the two us lost in each other.

Her hand, gentle just seconds before, fisted tightly in the long locks of my hair… the nails of her other hand digging into my hip, pulling me close as I wound myself lustily around her.  Tangled limbs, soft skin against soft skin, breathlessly whispered invitations of carnal need, licentious desires burning, scorching, undeniably intense. As the night faded, our hands and mouths, our bodies indulged every salacious appetite we could contrive. Soft and satisfying in the ways that only women can be.

She offered support. She offered comfort. She offered distraction. I took her offered comforts. I lost myself in her. In the end of the night, with only stars and angels as our witnesses, there were no thoughts, no criticism, no disappointment, no confrontation. There was only she and I and the needs we filled for each other in those dark hours. As the rest of the world slept, she became my lover… my need… my lust… my escape… and, though, I didn’t know it was possible, I loved her even more for it.

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