Seven Little Letters

Two words.

Seven letters.

Eight characters on a screen… in a text… in a message… in a comment.


You always respond.
They are never lost on you.
I can close my eyes and hear the chuckle in your voice, see the smirk on your lips… the glimmer of amusement that would light your pretty eyes as you read those words.

Unbidden the lightning quick glimpses come, playing through the dark corners of my mind. Flashes of you and I… much darker thoughts, a dangerous path for my mind to travel… but they are persistent and for a few, brief seconds… I indulge them…

you and I, caught in a moment…
me… on my knees, vulnerable, naked… needing to please you, suffer for you, to be bent, broken and built back up by you…
you… above me, powerful, strong… your soft, slender fingers fisted tightly in my hair, turning my face to you, emerald eyes swimming with lust and adoration meet yours, linking our souls, the air around us charged with the current of our needs colliding…

I know it makes you giggle.
I smile as I hit send.

I say it because I know it makes you smile.

But… I admit, I also say it because I like that lightning quick flash of imagery that follows your acknowledgement of the words. I like the way my nipples harden and my cunt tingles. I like the thought that you might have similar images flash through your mind and that you might enjoy them just as much as I do. I say it to push… just a little… to test those dangerous waters… with just the edge of my toes dipped teasingly into them… just to see… to see if you will swim to the surface of those desires, wrapping your hands around my ankles and pulling me down greedily into the depths of you…

If I offered myself, would you say yes?

It’s just seven little letters.

Powerful… or… playful?


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