Quiet Girl


A rectangular raft crafted from thick poles of bamboo tied together with dark purple rope floats alone in the dark waters of my mind. It is just wide enough that I can lie comfortably on my back, eyes closed, arms outstretched with my fingers trailing along the tranquil waters. The raft floats peacefully, going along wherever the current of my thoughts take it.

Thoughts drift lazily through the ether there today. I can catch them quiet easily but I find that i simply don’t want too.

I feel a gentle tug on my arm as one of the thoughts bump into my fingers in the murky depths. I do not close my hand around the thought, but instead let it slide through my fingers. The thought attempts to take shape, teasing my neural senses but my mind is insistent on being quiet today and it will not take hold of that thought and so it fades and slips through my fingers and away.

There is warmth floating along the sea of my mind this way. Warmth and quiet comfort… A tranquility I am wholly unfamiliar with settles within my chest and the words, usually rubber bouncy balls banging non stop into every thought, flit… flitter… float lazily in the air above me causing only the slightest of breezes. Calm and stillness overtake me and I drift quietly, contentedly, peacefully along in the way only a quiet girl can.


Quiet but not reflective.
Still but not contemplative.
Slow but not distracted.

My mind is quiet today.

A very unnatural state for the space between my ears.

I don’t know what sparked the quiet of my mind today, but I will happily drift along in it until the chaos of normality returns.

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