Poly Quad? Family? Pod? Tribe?


A poly trio – three people who love each other and who are all in relationship with each other.

A poly quad – four people who love each other and who are all in a relationship with each other.

Group love reminds me of group sex.

Threesome – three people having sex with each other.

Foursome – four people having sex with each other.

So then what happens as more bodies (more hearts) are added to the big ol’ group sex bed (poly dynamic). Things surely get more complicated but definitely more fun as well. Who can touch who… how… where… for how long… in what way… with what intent… (who can love each other in what way… how… under what circumstances… for how long… with what intent)?


A poly family? A poly pod? A poly tribe?

I personally love the last one. I love the idea of a poly tribe. In my mind, it indicates an unlimited number of members… an unlimited number of possible relationship dynamics between those members… love and life and friendship and romance on every level imaginable.

It inherently conveys the feeling of family between the members of the tribe. A tribe supports each other. They help each other. They can’t thrive without each other. They live in close proximity and are close in a way that people who are not in a tribe can’t possibly truly comprehend.

There is access emotionally and physically to all the members of the tribe on whatever level each member agrees to and is comfortable with. No one in the tribe is left out. They love each other. The members of the tribe are their favorite people in the whole world. They play together. They cook and eat and clean together. They love together. They relax together. They celebrate and they struggle together, going through the good times and the bad times together, sharing burdens and joys. They share their lives with each other.

Needs that couldn’t possibly ever be met by a one on one relationship are met with ease and understanding by the diversity of a tribe.

polytribe3Maybe it’s my rose colored glasses, but I am head over heels in love with the idea of a poly tribe.


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