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How many of you out there remember the times before twitter and facebook? Back when we were chatting on ICQ or MSN messenger? Or in online chat rooms, and then they organized a chatters meeting, which probably was the precursor of tweetups and munches. Remember the times you sat at your computer, waiting for that special one to come online? And how frustrated you got when he/she didn’t? Or the nights that you chatted to so many people that it became an art to switch between the different screens? I want to hear your stories… and I want to hear what you like better- the old times or the new?



I discovered my love of sexting, naughty online chatting, in the summer of ’99. We (my ex-husband and I) had had our home computer for about a year when I stumbled upon this wonderful new vice. I’ve always been a bit of a night owl. Late one night that summer, I couldn’t sleep. I crawled quietly out of bed and found myself in front of my computer. I was very, very horny and very much in the mood to flirt, to misbehave. I fired up the computer and listened to the dial up tones as it connected to AOL. I smiled as it connected, I had a plan… for trouble.

onlinechat8I signed out of my sweet mommy / wifey account and created a new account. < I grin, now, as I recall the memory>. What wonderful danger within the safe confines of the back bedroom of my very own home. With a few keystrokes and a tingle of excitement, AOL user wetpanties was brought into existence. Oh my goodness, she was a naughty girl. There were a lot of very busy chat rooms that night but nothing was really clicking, no good conversations being had. I kept bouncing around from room to room when I happened upon a room, The Vampire Bar. Hmmmm… I like vampires, so I popped into the room.

I watched the conversation for a few minutes like I usually did when I first entered a room. The conversation was odd. It was less talking and more… umm… well, I wasn’t sure what it was. It was odd. It was like they were acting out things. *so and so orders a drink from so and so at the bar* or *heads to the dancefloor* hmmmm… interesting.

I’m a pretty quick study. It didn’t take me long to realize that they were role playing vs. just chatting. It was interesting. I settled in, watched a little more of the chat scroll by in the chat window… then I saw my screenname in the chat. I straightened up a little. I read what had been written.

LoganV: *watches wetpanties from across the room as she enters this lair of sin, eyeing her hungrily from head to toe*

OH.MY.Goodness… *tingles*… what was this? Well… that had an interesting effect on my… everything. Ok, I thought to myself… I love to write, I can play this game. *grins*

wetpanties: *cocks her hip to the side, green eyes wandering around the room until they collide with LoganV’s.*  <send>

And, a little moan escaped from my lips as the anticipation of his reply tingled through me, landing soundly in my cunt.

LoganV: *licking my lips, holding your gaze, I stride across the room towards you. My intent unquestionable.* I want you.

FUCK. Lightning flashed through all  my sensitive places as my very active imagination slammed me with a vision of standing there in that crowded, dark bar that slithered with a violent undercurrent watching this amazingly hot man in dirty blue jeans, cowboy boots and a duster striding towards me. I could feel the intensity of his fierce blue eyes as effectively as if he had truly been only a few feet from me. I had never experienced anything like this and I was very, very into it.

I took a second and let my imagination run wild with the thought of him striding so purposely towards me, let myself feel it and then started typing.

wetpanties: *gasps at the singular intent of this dangerously sexy stranger, backing up as you approach, bumping solidly into the wall behind me. Unable to break the eye contact. trapped, I swallow hard over the fear in my throat, as you get closer* <send>

onlinechat2Shit. I couldn’t tell, as I re-read what I had written whether I wanted to be me, watching this sexy beast of a man cross the room to me, or him looking at me, standing there with my back against the wall, swallowing hard, vulnerable but unwilling to move out of his line of sight. Slightly terrified and incredibly turned on, I waited for his response as others in the chat room made out, laughed, ordered drinks, I think there was even a bar fight somewhere.

My whole world narrowed with his response.

LoganV: *watches you step back nervously, a wolfish grin on my lips as fear lights your pretty eyes and I close the distance between us, my hands on the wall above your head, my face inches from yours… I growl as the scent of you fills my senses. My need grows and your closeness hardens my cock.*

I was speechless for the first time in my 24 years of existence. I opened my mouth and the only thing that came out was this lusty, desperate little noise. My breath caught in my throat and my pussy grew slick. What. The. Fuck? It was words on a screen. He was a TOTAL stranger. The questions floated up through the haze of wantoness and I realized I did not care. I wanted to know what came next.

My imagination took over. I was in the bar. My back was against the wall. My pussy was tingling, my nipples hard. This beast of man full of lust for me was standing over me. People were watching us now. Waiting to see how I would respond. Knowing that turned me on even more.

wetpanties: *my breath catches in my throat, my cheeks burning, lust making my brain fuzzy. Lifting my face to you, my back arches, forcing my breasts forward, my nipples brush against you and harden. licking my lips nervously, my hands against the wall on either side of my hips, no desire to protect myself from you, I nervously wait to see what you’ll do next* <send>

His response was lightning fast.

LoganV: *pinning you against the wall with my body, my lips trail kisses over the soft skin of your neck, nipping almost painfully with my teeth.*

My hands slid to my throat, I pinched the soft skin there lightly with my fingernails feeling his teeth on my skin. I sank even further into the fantasy my imagination was spinning.

wetpanties: *my mouth forms an o as a moan slips past my lips and my hands slide up your sides, over your arms until they are above my head, my body unprotected, an offering to your hunger.* <send>

A delicious and unfamiliar electricity slithered through my belly.

LoganV: *swallowing your moan with my mouth as my kiss lays claim to your lips, my hand wrapped around your wrists, pinning them against the wall… my other hand gripping your hip, my hard cock pressing against you*

wetpanties: *writhing under you, my hips lift to meet yours, lusty sighs and moans with every breath*

LoganV: *whispers* Not here, my pretty. outside, in the woods… there is a clearing. Go with me.

wetpanties: *biting my lip, nods* I’ll go with you.



We left the chat room and started a private chat. He led me through the woods into a clearing with only the light of the full moon to see each other by and the conversation continued.

LoganV: *backing you into a tree, pressing your back into the bark, your wrists held securely over your head in my hand … closing my mouth hotly over yours as you gasp at the near painful sensation and stealing your moans, my body heavy against you, my cock insistent on finding your wet, hot recesses, slipping my hand into your panties… my finger sliding between the soft folds, invading you*


Oh.My…. Fuck….  I was breathless, panting, squirming in my chair.

My hand slid into my panties at that moment and my typing skills went strait to hell. One hand on the keyboard, one on my clit watching the words through lust heavy eyes.


I’m very sure there were more messages as we brought each other to the edge and over, cumming for each other who knows how many miles or worlds apart. I came so hard my tummy cramped up. We came down together. Sweet kisses and caresses read on our screens but felt against our skin. We parted ways, never to speak again. I sat there in that darkened room, my panties wet from my orgasm and my body trembling, in total awe of what had just happened.

I quietly shut down my computer and crawled back into bed and slipped into the most delicious dreams.

I always knew I liked words, but this… this put a whole new spin on my weakness for words. It has definitely been on my list of vices since that night.

With the right partner, sexting can be quite fucking hot.



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10 thoughts on “AOL Vampire Bar – Sexting Cherry Popped

  1. WOW, well that was damn hot! And it reminded me of some of the hot cyber chats I had. Oh those delicious orgasm, knowing the other did exactly the same on the other side 🙂

    Welcome to Wicked Wednesday!

    Rebel xox

  2. Oh my yes… this bought back some fabulous cybering chats I had… there was one guy who was just frigging amazing at it and wow did I have some sweet orgasms reading his words


    • mmmmm I love it when the chemistry is right and the words are powerful and everything just flows… quite literally 😉

  3. That just brings back memories of some of the hot chats Sir and I had before we finally met. So many orgasms so much fun.

  4. I actually met my husband through a BBS service, the precursor to ICQ. I had been chatting with this guy on there and when we decided to meet, he brought his friend, I brought mine & I liked the friend better lol. 19 years later I’m married to that friend & have 2 fantastic (albeit pita preteen) boys, 2 dogs, and am part of a poly quad lol.

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