OH Saturday Night… A naughty retelling of my first MFM threesome


The evening started with Daddy’s instructions. “No panties tonight, princess.” I grinned and thought immediately of the perfect little strappy, short dress to wear if I were going to be unpantied. I had been looking forward to this night for almost nine years and it was finally going to happen. I was a very excited girl.

A little history:

About nine years ago, I started thinking about how fun all of our FMF (female male female) threesomes had been. I started thinking about how the other girl and I always focused most of our attention on Daddy and basically just spoiled him rotten during the play. Those thoughts led to thoughts of me being the center of attention for two sexy men… those thoughts led to hands in my panties and many, many other incredibly hot thoughts. We had had several FMF threesomes and even a few foursomes but never just two incredibly sexy men and me in the middle and I wanted that experience. Finally, I approached Daddy with the idea of a MFM (Male Female Male) threesome. There was a guy who I thought might have been fun to be the other M in this little adventure but it didn’t work out and honestly, looking back now, I’d have to say that I’m glad it didn’t.

There has only been one other guy since that one who would have been a good fit, but he’s been coupled since we’ve known him and because I love and adore his girlfriend (and she makes me feel a little randy, too), I would never leave her out so they would be a foursome for us rather than a good fit for this MFM fantasy of mine.

So we’ve been waiting for almost nine years for the right guy to come along. Within that time frame a lovely thing happened. Daddy started to open up and explore his sexuality and his attraction to men (soooooo fucking hot). He had the opportunity a few years back to experience some guy on guy fun with a couple we were seeing. Since that couple has been out of our lives, that part of Daddy’s sexuality has gone mostly unexplored… until recently.

With this opening of Daddy’s sexuality, we made a slight change to the fantasy. Ideally the guy who would be the other M would would be bi-sexual and into both of us, so that all three of us could play together.

 Fast Forward:

And, so now, fast forward to August of this year. A very sexy, fun guy I had been talking to on Fet, Z, and I began dating (with Daddy’s permission, of course). Well, sexy Z is pansexual and just so happens to be attracted to both of us. There is an excellent chemistry between the three of us and an excellent chemistry between he and I and he and Daddy. One of the rules of me dating is that before the other person and I become intimate with each other, the three of us (me, Daddy and the new person) would have sex together. That way Daddy could see how we interact with each other, how the new person treats me, whether or not they respect me and our marriage, etc. For a lot of men wanting to date a married woman, this rule might have been off-putting but Z was actually looking forward to it, especially after he learned that Daddy was bi and had a definite attraction to him. woohooo! The idea of the threesome started taking shape.

We had been dating about a month when we started to make plans for a date night that would end with the three of us in bed if all went well. Then we hit a pretty decent sized bump in the road and spent a month recovering and getting back on track from that. We got past the bump, things settled down and the attractions were still as strong as ever… the desire completely undiminished. A date was set. Saturday night. Dinner at his house, dessert in his bed. A delightfully delicious first for all three of us.


Saturday Night:

Bathed and shaved. Check. Cute, short sundress. Check. Hair in ponytail braids. Check. No panties. Check.

We packed a few essentials and headed out. Z cooked a late dinner for the three of us. We enjoyed some liquid courage and conversation while he was cooking. Dinner was delicious. The anticipation in the air was delightful.

Shortly after dinner, I needed the restroom. Just so happened it was upstairs… one door away from the bedroom. While I was doing my thing in the restroom, Z and Daddy found their way to the bedroom. Z has a wonderful bed which he had prepared well (with plastic mattress cover to protect from the very wet adventures we were all planning on). I entered the bedroom and Daddy pointed at the floor by his feet. I knelt before him, my knees open and hands on my thighs and waited. “Dress off.” He said, quietly. I slipped my dress off over my head. I was on my knees, naked when Z turned back to us. Daddy pulled him close and they shared a kiss so hot it had me squirming a little.

“On the bed.” Daddy instructed. I asked permission from Z to get into his bed and, once granted, crawled in. Lying on my back in the middle of the bed, naked with my sexy Daddy on one side and my sexy Z on the other, I couldn’t help but smile. Things get a little fuzzy after this… cuz… lusty girl. As I try to write this, the memories come in flashes of heat and need and smiles and laughs and moans and oh that was so fucking hots.

There were hands and mouths and teeth touching every inch of my skin. Both of them remained fully clothed and I was fully naked. There is a hotness factor to that like no other. Except I wanted them naked. I wanted more of their skin touching mine, more of them touching each other. Those thoughts didn’t get to spend much time floating around my head as the two of them brought me to the edge and over it again and again. I came over and over and over soaking the sheets to the delight of my lovers (and me too *grins*).

The frenzied pace slowed and the next thing I know, I’m laying on my tummy with one lover on each side of me, I am being rubbed down… massaged… with lotion, even! Oh my goodness… talk about a lucky girl! It felt so amazing to have both of their hands on me, pressing into my flesh, spoiling me rotten as the three of us chatted easily and laughed together. Then there was biting of my feet and toes… unf! oh my goodness… I think maybe even a spank or two… might have even been a punch to the booty a couple of times.

There was more kissing. Daddy and I kissing. Z and I kisisng. Daddy and Z kissing (H-O-L-Y FUCK! HOT!). More touching, more cumming, more eyes meeting eyes and bodies touching bodies. I have no idea how we became positioned for it, but one of the seriously hottest scenes of the night… I was laying on my back at the edge of the bed. Daddy was standing next to the bed and Z was on his knees sucking Daddy’s cock… fuck *takes a moment, fans self* I couldn’t decide what was hotter… the look of sheer pleasure on Daddy’s face with every stroke of Z’s mouth or the look of pure focus and cock adoration on Z’s. Daddy’s hand wrapped around my ankle, his lust filled eyes meeting mine. Glancing from Daddy’s face to Z’s just in time to see him open his eyes and look up, straight into Daddy’s. I just about came undone it was so fucking intimate and intense, I can only imagine how that made Daddy feel. I couldn’t help myself.. my fingers slipped between my legs, dancing over my clit as I watched them… my two favorite men caught up in this fevered exchange of pleasure. I came so hard watching them, I got a cramp in my tummy.

Lying on my back across the bed, my head was hanging off the side of the bed at the perfect angle for Daddy’s cock in my throat as Z slid between my legs and proceeded to devour my pussy with his mouth. His arms wrapped around my thighs and held me tight as I wiggled and squirmed and came for him.


nom nom nom



lucky girl in the middle



Daddy’s cock in my throat


Z on the bed on his back, his cock in my mouth… his hands fisted in my hair as he fucked my mouth and Daddy took some naughty pictures.


mmmmm face fucked



titties and cock and being restrained

Z had to leave the room for a minute. While he was out, Daddy laid down in the bed and I crawled on top of him riding him slowly as we waited for our new lover to return. Upon returning to the room, he watched for a minute before rejoining us. I felt his hands on my back, on my ass… fingers teasing my ass as Daddy’s cock slid in and out. Then there were fingers inside, filling my ass… stretching it. Filled from both sides, I rode… I came… again… and then, again… hot, wet squirt flowing over Daddy’s cock and balls, wetting the bed beneath him… again. Two fingers fucking my ass, wonderful.. three fingers, too much. We adjusted. I came again. At some point during this time frame, I’m very sure I felt licking in my nether regions. Ohhhhhh holy fucking yes!

There was talk of both cocks inside of me. Through the haze of lust, it was decided that we would put them both in my pussy… this time. With Daddy’s cock still inside, Z knelt behind me sliding his cock inside. This is trickier than one might think and a first for all of us. We adjusted. We moved. We shifted. We managed to get both of them inside several times… even managed a few amazing strokes, but within a few strokes one or the other would get pushed out. We laughed and giggled and tried again. I loved the way they both felt inside of me. I could feel them both, felt so full… so amazing. Damn the logistics of it all. *sigh*

We thought, perhaps, if we arranged ourselves so that Z was lying on the bed with me on top of him and Daddy behind me, we could maneuver better. Z scooted around onto his back with his legs off the bed and I moved around to stand between his knees. Daddy came up behind me, his hand on my head pushing me over Z as he slid his cock deep inside and started pounding away. Z held onto me as Daddy fucked me, digging his fingers into my flesh, my teeth biting into his shoulder… our eyes meeting as I came again and again.. his voice in my ear. Daddy came hard, burying his cock deep inside as he did, bringing me to the edge again. As Daddy’s cock slid out and he stumbled back to recover, I crawled onto the bed, pulling Z to me, wrapping my legs around him, wanting him inside of me.

He obliged, sliding his cock into me… fucking me dizzy as Daddy watched. My legs around his waist… my ankles on his shoulders… my legs straight up against his chest. He moved me, adjusted my position and thrust… repeatedly. A deep thrust and he would hold, watching my face as my body shuddered beneath his and I came. With a final thrust he came, collapsing next to me.

Daddy was in the bathroom, my moans catching his attention. Looking up, watching us in the reflection of the bathroom mirror as Z licked Daddy’s cum from my swollen, tender pussy.

Lying close to me, cuddled up on one side, Z and I petted each other and pulled Daddy back into bed with us for cuddles. On the opposite end of the bed from where we started, we ended our night with me in the middle… sated, sore… and smiling.

Better than any MFM porn I’ve seen. Better than any fantasy I’ve ever had about it. It was an absolutely wonderfully, erotic… amazingly fun and naughty fulfillment. Worth every second of every minute of every day of every one of the nine years I waited to see it come to pass. Thank you, Daddy. Thank you, Z. You were both amazing.



2 thoughts on “OH Saturday Night… A naughty retelling of my first MFM threesome

  1. My anal and vaginal openings are closer together than the average female. It made for some interesting positioning when I was finally able to experience anal-vsginal dp lol.
    That was hot, by the way. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • I’m very glad you enjoyed it the re-telling. I thoroughly enjoyed the night. I am looking forward to figuring the DP positioning out 😉

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