My Happy Place


As I sat at the dungeon (INCOGNITO) on Saturday night watching Daddy play, I found myself letting my mind clear and just listening… just watching.

I heard laughter. I heard the kiss of a whip against bare skin and the thwack of a paddle against a lovely bottom. I heard the group next to us struggle with each other during a resistance play scene that was DELIGHTFUL to witness. So much hotness watching that pretty girl give those two big o’ boys a real struggle to contain her. The best part? When I could tell that they finally won and she was still.

I heard Daddy’s voice. I heard the buzz of the violent wand being used across the room, heard the smack of a bare hand on a bare bottom and the sexy cry of pain that followed. I heard moans of pleasure, cries of pain, pleas for mercy and pleas for more.

I watched the people in sexy costumes and varying stages of undress, some getting ready to play, some recovering from play, some just observing, but all moving comfortably in their kink, comfortable in their desires, dressed in the life they most desire to live.

Quite out of the blue, I realized just how non-vanilla I have truly become. And that thought brought a smile to my face.

Amongst the deviants I found a lovely, decadent happy place.

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