Lunch… Just More Interesting

panties off

So, there’s this guy I like. And, he likes me too. So much so that he and I thought it would be good to get him in front of my poly panel. So the poly panel lunch date was set for today. I was so excited to finally bring them all together, to let them start getting to know each other and for him to begin to find his place in my/our life.

After coffee this morning, Daddy went to take a shower and when he was done he called me into the bedroom (as he sometimes does when he’s all naked and smelling good after his shower and needing to get off). This morning he tells me that we need to talk about this afternoon… about our lunch date. Pushing me down onto the bed and sliding his semi-hard cock in my mouth he gives me some instructions.

His cock grows hard against my tongue as the plan is laid out.

Daddy: You will wear one of your new dresses to lunch.
Me: *nods*

Daddy: You will find a very pretty pair of panties to wear to lunch today and they must have my approval. You’ll spend some time before lunch masturbating through the panties and cumming while wearing them. They should be nice and wet. I want to smell your need on them.
Me: *moans quiet lustily, nods*

Daddy: At some point during our lunch, you’ll be instructed to visit the ladies’ room at the restaurant we are going too and you will remove the panties.
Me: *squirms, tingles, nods*

Daddy: Upon your return to the table, you will be sure that he is given the panties with a note that says ~ A gift for you from Daddy. We both hope that next time, the three of us will be together when my panties come off. ~
Me: *blushes, squirms some more, nods*

Daddy: You will write about this little adventure, as I’m sure you have readers that will enjoy just such a naughty little moment in your life. You will not say anything to him before lunch about this plan.
Me: *mumbles around a mouthful of cock, yes, Daddy.*

Oh.My.Fucking.Goodness. So much hot in that set of instructions.

Gagging on Daddy’s cock, nodding my understanding of each subsequent instruction, my pussy wet at the thought. Pulled up from my knees by my hair and bent over the bed, Daddy slides his cock into the wetness his words have created and fucking me relentlessly he begins to spin verbal tales of the three of us playing together.  Me on my hands and knees between the two of them, my new friend with his cock down my throat and Daddy filling my pussy. Spending a day together with me tied to the bed and the two of them having their way with me. Games we could play… Which one of them can I get off faster with my mouth. Who’s cock is it. Who’s hands are violating you right now.

And the fantasies spun and spun and spun. Each one hotter than the one before, leaving my head spinning with the possibilities as Daddy pulled out his cock and came on my ass.

Fast forward a few hours. It was time to get ready for lunch. Fixing my hair and make up and Daddy distracted me lying on the bed. I couldn’t help myself so I crawled on top of him giving kisses and cuddles. Not quite dressed yet, I was still in my pjs and without a bra. Daddy went to pinch my nipples and I pulled away, giggling. I was instructed to put my arms up over my head and hold them there. With my hands over my head, he pinched and pulled on my nipples bringing me to the edge and pulling me over, causing me to cum in the panties I would be giving away in just an hour or two. Cumming so hard that I left a wet spot on his shorts.

Off to lunch. Daddy and our pretty girl (the poly panel) sat on one side of the booth leaving us to occupy the other side. He arrived and sat next to me, smelling very good and my mind drifted to the thoughts from earlier this morning of the three of us playing. Things were going very well when I received the text message instructing me to go to the ladies’ room.

I went.

Sliding my fingers over the soft, smooth material, slipping  one satin covered digit into the wetness between my legs, before taking them off and folding them neatly. I wrote the note as instructed. I put the panties and the note into my purse and returned to the table, once again an unpantied girl. I placed the panties and the note on the seat between he and I and when he took my hand under the table, I moved his hand to the panties, tucking them into his palm and smiling as he slipped them into his pocket.

The note had gone unnoticed, but I made sure that he saw it. A blushy smile on my lips as he read it and smiled. Lunch was over and it was time to go. We shared a nice long hug and he mentioned that he would try not to be naughty with my panties. I grinned at him and said that I had hoped he would be… A little while later he came for me… *grins* in a sense, anyway. I smiled when he told me. I tingled quite delightfully in my girl bits. What a fun adventure we’ve embarked upon.

I can’t wait to see where this road takes the three of us.


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