Living a life to be loved




The world is dark beyond the windows. The house is quiet as the kids sleep. We are having coffee. Daddy on his playstation playing baseball and I on my computer, perving fetlife and writing. I love these quiet mornings shared over coffee.

The vanillas have all gone home from the cookout. The night has grown late and the alcohol has been flowing for hours. Kinksters have gathered in our bedroom for some reason and inappropriate jokes and teasing touches follow. There is laughter and giggles and the occasional surprised screech or moan. It doesn’t take long before nipples are popping out, a cock or two even. Pussies are petted, holes are filled, nipples and cocks sucked. An innocent gathering of friends over food that degenerates into naked debauchery.

lifeisgood4The dungeon is dark, industrial music with heavy beats plays loudly throughout the room. Moans of pleasure and cries of pain fill the air. Naked bodies and semi dressed bodies wander through, holding leashes or at the end of leashes, greeting one another with smiles and warm hugs or playful teasing pinches and slaps. There is laughter and squeals of excitement. The smell of leather and sweat and sex hang in the air. The whips crack and the floggers land with heavy thuds. A crackle of electricity from the violent wand and the heavy smack of a paddle against flesh. Candle wax and needles applied to willing skin. Whimpers of need and sadistic chuckles. Dark desires brought to the surface in this safely dangerous place.


The road stretches for miles and miles as our tires gobble it up. The radio plays and the conversation varies from kids to bills to dreams of the future to our boyfriends and girlfriends and good friends. There are no kids in the back seat, it is only us on a road trip enjoying each other’s company and the closeness the trip brings. Holding hands or arms linked or his hand on my thigh. I watch him as he drives and my breath becomes scarce as I am overwhelmed (yet, again) with just how much I can love one person, with just how much he means to my life.


I smile, blessed beyond words, in that moment… on this trip… with this man.

lifeisgood16His phone chimes. It’s her. His girlfriend. His lover. I smile. She is tied to the suspension point in the ceiling and he is gleefully, sadistically dancing around her, cane in hand. She cries out, whimpers, wiggles and he grins, chuckles and smacks her again. His masochist. His submissive. His plaything. She lays still as the needles are pushed through her skin and the design in his head is drawn in her flesh with sharp, pokey things. She endures for him. She serves him willingly. Kneels for him. Opens herself to his every sadistic desire. She loves him and their experiences together make my heart smile.

It’s 10:30 in the morning, I slip to the bedroom to get dressed because Daddy likes me to be dressed (and not in my pj’s) during the day. I start lunch, make the bed, ready for his arrival. We eat together, across from each other at our dining room table. We talk about his day, about our life, about the kids, about whatever might be on our minds. We spend his lunch hour together just about every day. It is my favorite hour of the day.

It’s Saturday… of any given week. Daddy and I are tooling around Atlanta. We might end up at a swap meet or the leather store, we might end up at the mall or the park or a car show or who knows where. Sometimes we just drive around until something fun catches our eye and then we go do that. A lovely, relaxing day spent with my love.

Group Of Friends Having Dinner Party At HomeWe prepare a dish or two… sometimes three (because I love to cook) and get dressed. The babysitter is set, the kids are covered and off we go to play with our friends. Fun and flirty, kinky and playful the party is sometimes calm, sometimes it gets a little crazy. Sometimes we chat and sometimes all the toys come out and there is touching and beating and sensations. No matter what, an excellent time is had and time spent with sexy friends is always time well spent and the third Saturday of every month has quickly become one of my favorite days.


Lunch is served and the conversation flows easily between us as we continue to learn about each other. He smiles across the table and my fingertips brush his hand. The possibilities lay wide open before us as the chemistry between us develops. The new relationship energy sparkles and the laughs and flirting come easily. Through it all, He is careful. He is understanding and curious. He works hard to find the boundaries of our budding relationship and that of my marriage and respect them. He takes things slowly and insists on following whatever protocol Daddy sets for the three of us as we travel down this new road. His eyes light with merriment when he talks of things he loves and his lips curl wickedly when he has a deviant thought. He is my new interest. My first exploration. I don’t know what we will become to each other or what the three of us will become to each other, but it is a new and exciting chapter in our story and I am looking forward to every page.

lifeisgood12I’ve cleaned their messes, kissed their owies, wiped their noses and their bottoms. I’ve held them when they were sick, sad and scared. I’ve giggled with them over the silliest stuff and smiled with them for good grades and home runs and high scores. I’ve attended parties, plays, games, concerts and graduations. My sons are my greatest challenge, my most amazing blessing and the very reason my heart beats. Being their mom is a wild ride filled with heartache and complete joy and every emotion in between. Those five little boys (a couple of them not so little anymore, but whatever) fill my life with crazy happiness and intense responsibility. They make me a better person. I never knew love so powerful until I held each of them in my arms.

lifeisgood7The music plays and the congregation lifts their hands in worship, each person connecting with God in his or her own way. The word is preached, the spirit moves. My heart is filled with joy and my soul finds peace in this place, in this moment as I connect with my inner spirit man and cleanse my soul of negativity, strife, anger, resentment, and jealousy. I feel refreshed, cleansed and ready to take on the world again.


Planing the meals. Paying the bills. Notating important dates on the calendar. Switch the laundry over, make the bed. Take something out for dinner. Stop at the store for milk. Clip coupons. Sweep the floor. Slip on my apron to protect my clothes (smile). Cook dinner for Daddy and all the little men in my life. Check homework, balance the check book. Curl up on the couch to watch some TV. Snuggle in bed. Snuggling turns to tickling or giggling or soft gentle stroking. Tickling and giggling and soft gentle stroking leads to his hand over my mouth and his cock buried deep inside me as he whispers the filthiest fantasies in my ear, stroking my core, sinking me into him and then  he growls his direction to cum for him and I do. My body shakes, convulses, consumes his as he cums deep inside of me, marked deeply physically and emotionally, taken completely, my Daddy’s princess, his whore, his slut, his wife, his baby, his treasure. We float down from the ecstasy together, breathing erratic and heartbeats racing. Drifting off to sleep in his arms, he pulls me in even closer to him as the end comes to yet another day in this crazy, wonderful life I love living.


Some days I look over my life and I realize just how crazy it is… how wonderful it is… how it fluctuates wildly from family to kink to church and every where in between. No matter what, I live a life worthy to be loved. I live an amazing life. Every day is an adventure, a spontaneous, laughter filled, sex crazed, lusty and joyous adventure!





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  1. One word: beautiful. I loved reading the little snippets of the different things in your life and how it all could easily lead from one to the other. Absolutely wonderful.

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