I Wanna Play with Your Energy

Your floggers are good and your knives are fantastic. I love all things thuddy and pokey and scratchy. Sometimes I even love the stingy shit every sadist seems to have in abundance in their toybags.

I love your hands and your teeth and the way they can hurt me. I love rope with all of it’s mean possibilities and it’s ability to render me helpless and at your mercy.

I like the vampire gloves and your violet wand with all of it’s evil attachments. I like when you find new ways to torment and tease me. I love your fire cups and fire wands and the way the heat feels so amazing on my skin when you set me on fire.

I love all your toys. I love the way you use your body (and mine) against me. I want to play with all those fun things, every fun, awful, torturous toy you own.

But more than all of your toys combined, I want to play with your energy.


I want to play with your mind. I want your thoughts, every dark depraved corner of your soul. I want to feel your energy slide across my skin every where your fingers touch me. When my body responds, giving you a taste of my energy, I want to feel the response created in you. I want to feel your heart beat faster and hear your breath catch in your throat. I want to sense, almost more than I want to see, that moment when your beast rattles it’s cage to get out. I want to feel your energy shift, I want to feel the moment your blood starts to heat and your hands get that itch to hurt me.

I wanna play in that energy. I want to feed it with my own. I want you to know the instant my soul submits to this moment. I want our breaths synced and our skin electrified with need. I want to feel the chills your lips brushing over the curve of my neck create and hear your chuckle as my nipple hardens at the slightest touch of your fingertips. Our bodies moving in perfect time together as the world disappears around us.

I love your toybag. I love all your lovely sadistic owie-making implements. But above all else, I love your energy, love your ideas, love the way I can feel you respond to me on a primal level. I want to feel you lost in those moments with me. I want your presence, every tiny bit of your attention. I want every evil, sadistic, playful, terrible idea that your delicious mind can come up with to draw from me my energy, to make me purr, make me moan, whimper, cry, scream… every ounce of my energy matching yours until no one exists on this plane but you and I. Drown me in your energy and soak up every lust filled ounce of mine.

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