I Just Want to Fuck You

From the archives. Written in 2001 for Daddy long before either of us knew anything at all about DBSM D/s or kink.


I want to fuck you

To be pinned under you



To feel your hands gripping my neck


Bent to your will

You demand it

I will obey

Excitement hot between my legs

Nipples tighten with a touch

My heartbeat races

The heat of my body rises to my cheeks

The fire lights in my eyes as you spank me

Feel the pain you cause

Know the need you fill

I want you over me

The power in your eyes pushing me

The strength of your hands forcing me

I need heat


Sweet promise of pain

It is a dark desire I don’t understand

Can’t control

I turn to you

Unleash my heat

My need

My hunger

Take me over

Wrap me up in you

Burn in my fire

We could be so bad together

I don’t need to love you

I don’t want your heart

I just want to fuck you

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