His Words

I’m rolled onto my side
His hands on my hips pulling my ass back against his cock
I moan, my body responding to his need
My back arches my hips up
My body begging silently to be used
My pussy is slick and wet for him
His hips thrust as he enters me
His cock buried, balls deep with every stroke
One hand gripping my hip, fingertips digging into my flesh
The other wrapped around my throat, stealing my breath as I sink
His hips driving his cock deep and hard
The words begin to fall from his lips
His most deviant thoughts verbalized
Every sort of depravity whispered gruffly into my ear
He spins a web of lust and want and need around us with his words
My arms are pulled roughly behind my back
His hands pinning my wrists, controlling me
He pounds my pussy, driving every naughty word deeper into my imagination
I feel my orgasm building as he impales me on his cock
Fucking me violently, driving the rest of the world away
It’s just my battered pussy and his amazing cock and those fucking deliciously twisted thoughts he’s whispering in my ear.
I groan
I moan
I gasp
I whimper with need as the scenarios he spins get filthier and filthier
He whispers that he wants me on my knees before the two of them, their cocks in their hands as I take turns sucking them off. I don’t get their cum in my throat though, not this time. This time, they’ll mark me… both of them… their cum on my face, on my lips, dripping over my breasts as I am made into their little fucktoy to be used for their every perverted need and desire.
His teeth sink into my earlobe as those words send me spiraling over the edge
My body shudders, my pussy clenches his cock in a death grip as I cum and cum and cum.
He bears down and continues to fuck me through my orgasm
His words coming faster and faster as his orgasm builds
One last particularly licentious thought slips past his lips
I feel his body shudder as he empties hotly, forcefully deep into the core of me
His arms tight around my middle
His lips graze across my shoulders as our breathing calms and our bodies still
His mouth close to my ear again
“That was your last orgasm for seven days, Princess. I hope it was worth it” He whispers, an evil grin in his voice.
I can only shake my head in acknowledgement of his words
He asked me, a little later in the kitchen, if it was as hot for me when he talks dirty in bed as it is for him…

The answer is yes… holy fuck, yes it is. And it is going to be a very long seven days.

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