“Daddy,” I said, sitting a few cushions away from him on the couch this morning while sipping coffee. He looked away from the video game he was playing, “yes, princess?”

dinner“I think I maybe have to cook dinner like this one night.” I answered, holding my phone open to the photo of the girl cooking in nothing but panties and an apron. I giggled and smiled a little as he looked at the photo.

“Oh, yes princess. I agree. You can definitely cook dinner like that anytime.” He said with a smile.

“Will you let me actually cook?” I asked. He nodded, yes.
“Will you let me actually finish cooking? I asked with a grin. He nodded, “Yes, I’ll let you finish cooking.”
“Because it will be best if we don’t burn the house down.” I stated with a a giggle.

He looked over at me, and said oh so sweetly, “Yes, I will let you cook me dinner dressed like that. I will let you finish cooking it without burning the house down. And, then I will let you eat your dinner seated at my feet while I enjoy mine.”

I shivered, delightfully and fell a little in love with the idea.

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