Defiant Girl

“Daddy… gimme kisses,” the girls says, her voice playful

He leans into her, so close but no kisses

“Say please”

The girl giggles defiantly, reaching for him to take the kisses she’s asked for.

His hand in her hair, he yanks her head back

“Say. Please.”

“uh uh, no,”  the girl says with a giggle, squirming under his grip

~ defiant girl ~

He yanks on her hair again, pinching her bottom lip painfully between his fingers

the girl can only whimper as lust begins to burn in her eyes

“Say please,”  he demands.

A lusty, moan carries the word no from the girl’s lips as she pulls her head away

~ defiant girl ~

He chuckles, pinning her hands behind her back

the girl’s eyes meet his, spitting fire

“Say please,” he says slowly, a low growl in his voice

not a word from the girl, nothing but the sassy challenge in her eyes, she shakes her head no

~ defiant girl ~

Another yank on her hair, his lips brushing hers as his tongue licks the girl’s bottom lip

she whimpers, writhes against him, determined not to give in

“Say! Please!” he demands, his voice a fierce whisper

The girl remains brazenly insolent, shaking her head no

Lifting her to her feet by her hair, he drags her to the bedroom and shoves her face down onto the bed… leaving her bared bottom exposed to him

Two quick swats on each cheek, the girl moans

“Say!” hard swat to the right cheek.
“Please!” hard swat to the left cheek.

Nothing from the girl but moans and whimpers with each swat.

~ defiant girl ~

He kicks the girl’s ankles apart and forces his hand between her legs, thrusting long, strong fingers into her soaking cunt. Fucking her wet pussy violently as she squirms under his hand. Her body readies as he brings her to the edge, every muscle tightens, her cries escalate as the orgasm builds from deep within. Her back arches, lifting her ass to him, her body begs, says the things her mouth will not.

Just before the orgasm rips through her body, just before she soaks her thighs with cum, he withdraws his fingers sharply, suddenly… her pussy spasms with need, gaping lustily as her hips thrust wantonly begging silently for his fingers to return… to push her over the edge he so skillfully brought her too.

Yanking her up by her hair from the bed and bringing her face to face with him, lifting her to her toes so her mouth is but a breath away from his, his fingers slide between her legs again. This time, he only pets her pussy, lightly tracing the swollen outer lips teasingly.

Breathlessly, without reservation, and dripping with need, the word escaped her lips. “Please, Daddy… please… please… please… pleeeassee…” she finally begged for him, the defiant girl broken by her own uncontrollable lust.




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