I sat at the opposite end of the table from Daddy at the munch last night. I sat with my pretty girl crush and He sat with kitten. There were several people between us, but I had a perfect view of Him. As dinner progressed and the conversations got lively, I caught myself looking around the table as I often do when in a large group of people.

I like to look at people, watch them… just being themselves. I love to see the looks on their faces and the way their eyes light up when they are talking about things they love or the facial expressions as they tell a story of their life. I love to watch people socializing.

I caught myself watching Him as He talked with new members of our group. He was laughing and I found myself lost in His voice, lost in just watching Him. I thought to myself… If I were here as a single woman and He a single man, having met just tonight, He is the one I would be trying to get to know better… the one I would be enchanted with. I love His smile, His laugh, and the way His eyes sparkle when He is happy.

After a few minutes of watching Him and letting my mind drift quite happily down this thought path, I found myself wondering… If I were a single woman at the munch, would He have been as enamored with me as I was with Him? I like to think He would. lol.

I love that after almost 14 years together, I can still look at Him with that delicious combination of love and lust and wonder and find myself so intensely in love with Him, so lucky to be the one He adores.

I want to experience all the things in my life. If someone comes into my life that I have chemistry with (from friends’ chemistry to lovers’ chemistry) I want to be able to explore that connection… where ever it leads, however it unfolds. And, I want the same for Him. I love that we can be as in love with each other as we are, still so wrapped up in our love and still within a 24 hour span of time, I could be naked (mostly anyway) and at the mercy of a pretty girl and then at dinner the very next night realizing that no matter who comes into our lives, no matter what role they play in the story we are writing… I will forever be amazed by just how much I can love that man, my rock… my protector… my lover… my hero… my Daddy.

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