Challenge Issued. Challenge Accepted.

I received a text message yesterday. It said, “Friend… I have a challenge for you if you choose to take it. First, write down three parts of you that you love and make you who you are. Then, write down three things you wish were a part of you to some degree that you’d like to explore at some point in the future.”

I’ve been thinking about this challenge all night. I decided to take her up on the challenge and write.


The challenge was prompted by my writing { When you take sex out of the equation } so I also decided to leave sex, kink and my kiddos out of the answers.

This is what I came up with.

Three parts of me that I love and that make me who I am:

1. I am a level headed optimist (most of the time). Because of that I can see situations more clearly and I can usually look at things, removing the emotion from them, and figure out what’s at the core of the thing, the person, the situation. I am able to help other people see things more clearly as well and I am able to provide a less emotionally charged perspective. Even with being level headed and seeing things clearly, I remain an optimist in most every situation, always looking for the bright side and trying hard to find the best possible outcome to any situation. Even when things get to going south or sideways, I am forever trying to figure out how to make the best of it.

2. I am an adventurous, spontaneous and fun girl. I may not be the one to get the party started but I am almost always down for just about anything. Whitewater rafting, count me in… a day at the beach, a weekend camping, a concert in the park, movies and dinner, window shopping, bbq and board games, a hike through the park and getting our feet wet in the creek, girls day out shopping, boys night at the strip club, getting my ass beat at the local dungeon, dinner with friends, dessert at 11 o’clock just because, dinner with friends that could turn into goofing off in the yard with hula hoops or watching someone get tazed, laying on the grass watching the clouds, flying kites… yep, sign me up for any of that and just about anything else you can think of. I laugh easily and I am rarely ever bored. I am easily amused and find ways to have fun in just about everything I do.

3. I am a creative empath. I think differently about situations and people because I can feel… or maybe perceive things about them that it seems like a lot of people either don’t feel or perceive or don’t give any weight to those feelings. I can hear a thing and know, almost exactly, how different people that I know, people who I am connected too, will react when they hear the thing. I am creative, I see the world in vivid colors and abstract shapes. There is never just black and white for me, there is every shade of gray and every shade of every color of the rainbow as well. That applies to my dreams, my thoughts, my words, every interaction I ever have with other people.

Three things I wish were a part of me to some degree that I’d like to explore at some point in the future

1. I wish I were more culturally expansive, that my life experiences were more diverse. I’d like to be able to hold more intelligent conversations about a wider variety of topics. I would love to travel overseas, to other countries. I would love to see an opera, a Broadway production, the Aztec ruins, the places mentioned in the Bible where Jesus preached. I’d love to see more of this country’s wonders. Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, the White House (maybe not during this current presidential term), Hollywood, Yellowstone, those giant trees in California. I’d love to go to a wine / beer tasting, go on a safari, learn to dance, ride horses again. I want to go camping, whitewater rafting, ziplining, hiking, picnics in the park. I’d love to go to some artsy festivals and shows.

2. I wish I were more outside of myself, less about me and more about other people. Volunteering, helping people who are less fortunate. Using my organizational skills and creativity in places where it could do some real good.

3. This one gets a little jumbled up for me. But… I’d like to have more conviction in my life, to stand my ground better knowing that I know that I know that I know beyond question that I know a thing, to be better at expressing what I want and need, to be a better communicator and to be better at maintaining my long distance relationships with family and friends.

Anyone else want to take up the challenge?

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