At the Back Door – Erotica


The sun was hot on Sabrina’s bare shoulders as she walked up the dirt drive to the rustic old farmhouse nestled in the rolling hills of the countryside. It looked deserted, as she expected it would be. Her Sir, Travis, wouldn’t be there for a little while still and she had preparations to make. Her hand tightened almost unconsciously around the letter in the pocket of her sundress, her instructions. She was nervous but she had been anticipating this day for weeks. His phone call to her before she left the city was different than most of their calls. He had asked her how committed she was to him. “Anything, Sir, I’d do anything for you, anything you tell me too. There is nothing I wouldn’t do.” She told him without hesitation. “Of course you will do anything I want; you will serve any purpose I choose. That’s my good girl. Don’t forget, sweet one. Any purpose, anything I want” He said, his voice sweet with pride. “Yes, Sir.” She said her voice breaking just a little.

His instructions were precise and clear. He always made it easy for her to be a good girl, not that she always was. Their relationship had started seven months before this visit with a few lines of conversation in an internet chat room. They had an instant chemistry and she knew without question that he was the one she wanted to learn about her submissiveness with. Over the course of several conversations and electronic communications, he interviewed her and when she finally made him the offer of her submission, asking to be completely controlled by him, he had accepted. She had become his submissive. She had learned so much about herself over the past few months and she was hopelessly addicted to her Sir. Their physical encounters touched her to her soul and she was already at his feet in her mind.

She found the key, hidden just where he said it would be and went inside. The front door opened onto a large room that made up the kitchen and living room with a fireplace in the center of the main wall. There were no signs of modern technology in this place. The floors were rough wood as were the walls, the doors heavy and constructed of solid wood. The appliances dated back several decades. There was no phone, no televisions, and no computers. She had been instructed to leave her cell phone in her car, parked behind the barn. The lack of protective communication made her even more nervous, it was a test of her trust, she knew. However, even knowing it was a test she felt a now familiar tug of panic tempered with anticipation. It passed quickly and left a tingle of anticipation in its wake.

Off of the main room were two doors. One led to a small bathroom and the other to the bedroom. The bedroom had been modified for special company such as herself. There were hooks throughout the room, special restraints built into the bed, a bar that looked like a balance beam and a cabinet filled with all his favorite implements and restraints. Looking around the room, she felt her pussy begin to drip. It still surprised her that this room could have such an effect on her, but the proof could not be argued with. Her cunt was wet, had begun to tingle and she felt her nipples harden as she began to prepare for Sir’s arrival.
She put her bag down on the bed and stripped out of her sundress. She went to the bathroom and took a shower, taking time to shave her legs and shampoo and condition the soft patch of hair between them. After drying herself she walked, naked, back to the bedroom. She would not wear clothes again for at least two days. She left her hair down so that it would dry and begin to adorn herself. She placed his collar around her neck and locked it. Sliding her thigh high stockings over her soft supple legs and slipping her feet into the heels he loved, she shivered with want. She had 30 minutes until he was to arrive. She set the bedside clock for 20 minutes. She was to lie on the bed and edge herself as many times as she could in those 20 minutes.

Doing as she was told, she lay on his big bed, breathing in the scent of him on the pillows and began exploring her body in a slow sensual way. She knew that once he arrived, there would be nothing slow or soft about the next two days. Her fingers found her erect nipples; filling her hands with the fullness of her breasts she rolled the already hard nipples between her fingers. She meant to continue a soft exploration but quickly found herself pinching her nipples hard enough to make herself cry out. She didn’t know where they were, but she knew there were cameras in this room, knew he was probably watching her and she became aware of her time slipping away. She moved her hands down between her legs, her fingers tracing her lips and the slit that covered the heat and want at the core of her. She let slip one finger inside and was brought to the edge with just one stroke. Slowing her exploration, she slid her fingers from the swollen bead of her clit to the wet heat inside her cunt, her hips beginning to buck with want and the edge was easy to find several times. Bringing her fingers up to focus on her clit she began to circle the little bud in the way that never failed to bring her to orgasm. She thought she would be able to stop, to find the edge but it didn’t take long and the edge was gone and she came. Sabrina cried out and stilled her fingers the second she felt herself fall off the edge and into the orgasm. It wasn’t quick enough, her pussy was spasming with the quick release and her legs were clamped tightly together, her hand still between them.
She blushed crimson red, she knew he would have seen that and there would be a price to pay for her lack of control. She also knew that laying still would never do, there was still time on the clock. She slowly spread her legs and moving away from the sensitive clit, she used her hands to spank her pussy lips a few times but that too brought her dangerously close to another loss of control. Sliding her fingers in and out of her cunt, fucking herself was the easiest way for her to edge without failing and she brought herself to the edge twice more before her alarm sounded.

She went quickly to the implement cabinet to retrieve the rest of her adornments and to choose an implement with which she would be punished for her lack of control. That was not written in his instructions, but she knew the consequences for her failure, this was not the first time she had been unable to control her pleasure. She chose the wooden spoon as her implement of choice. It was thick, strong, with a squared and slightly concave spoon. She pulled out her blindfold, ankle and wrist cuffs and the chain. She left the nipple clamps in the cabinet. They were not her favorite and unless he specifically told her to put them on, she didn’t in the hopes he might not. While they were not her favorite, Sir really loved them and leaving them in the cabinet never worked, but a girl had to try. She picked her panties up from where they had been left on the bathroom counter.

She went back into the front room and out the back door. The main house backed up to a small lake and was surrounded on all sides by trees. It was very secluded. She clipped the chain link leash to the o-ring in her collar and put the cuffs on her ankles and wrists. She set the wooden spoon by her feet. He would know when he saw the spoon there that she had something to confess to him, if he hadn’t seen it on the video.

Lowering herself to her knees on the back porch, facing the back door she put her feet together, forcing her knees to spread apart and put the lock on the cuffs. She then put the blindfold over her eyes and put the panties she had worn on the drive up to the cabin into her mouth as a gag, binding them tight with his favorite silk scarf. Finally she placed her hands behind her back, the clips on the cuffs catching and binding her that way. She waited. She heard the sounds of nature, the water lapping at the shore, the boat knocking gently against the pier, birds singing and the trees rustling in the wind. The breeze felt nice even as the sun warmed the skin of her backside. Her mouth was already starting to ache around the pink lace and satin it was filled with and she was starting to get antsy.

It seemed like he should have already arrived. She heard a rustling behind her. Her heart beat faster, she knew it wouldn’t be him, she hadn’t heard the tires of his jeep. Again, she heard the rustling. She was getting nervous. If it wasn’t him, then what? Who? She heard distinctive heavy footsteps come up the back porch steps and felt a looming presence standing above her. She couldn’t be certain of course but she was very sure this was not Sir standing above her. She turned her head up and in the direction she believed the person to be standing, beginning to squirm against her bindings, the fear taking over.

The man standing above her smiled to himself watching her squirm, knowing who she was expecting and knowing that he was not the one. He bent at the knees, squatting down close to her without touching her just yet. He admired the creamy skin of her curvy body, her wild brunette hair curling down her back and the fear rolling off her. As she started to move her knees together, as if to try and get up, he leaned in close to her, tracing her spine with his rough finger; his mouth next to her ear he whispered, “Well, now… Travis told me my garden hoe he borrowed last week was waiting for me on his back porch today. Imagine my luck finding you here instead, his little whore.” Recognition and fear registered on her beautiful face. “Yes, little girl whore, it’s Jake from next door. I’ve wanted you for a long time.”

Sabrina tried to shake her head no, but Jake roughly grabbed a handful of her long hair and growled at her, “Don’t tell me no, little one. You’re all bound here where my garden hoe is supposed to be. I don’t see a garden hoe anywhere, I’ll just take you instead… and little slut, you will be a good girl for your Travis and take it like he tells me you are so good at it.” She had sudden flashbacks of her last conversation with Sir. He said she would be used for any purpose.
Her face flushed bright red at the mention that Sir would talk to this man about her in such a way. His cock hardened at her blushing shame. With his hand still in her hair, he undid his belt and pulled it roughly off, unbuttoning his pants he felt her begin to struggle as his intentions began to sink in. With his free hand he picked his belt up, his pants around his ankles, his cock hard and throbbing. He struck her hard across her bottom with his belt, three times quickly causing her body to buck up, extending her kneel and exposing the top of her thighs to the next three stripes. She cried out against her gag and tears slipped from under her blindfold. Jake didn’t care about her the way Sir did and it was obvious in his extremely rough treatment of her. She bucked hard against her restraints and tried to wiggle away from this man who she had always known as the well mannered next door neighbor.

Jake yanked hard on her hair and struck her several more times in quick succession along her ass and thighs. He pulled her heels off and tossed them into the yard, striking the bottom of her bare feet with his belt. He heard her stockings tear as she fought against him and knew her breasts must be hurting from brushing against the rough wooden door in her attempt to get away from him.

He liked spanking her far more than he thought he would and his cock danced in anticipation as her ass and thighs began to welt up and redden. He felt her still and heard her sobbing. Immensely satisfied at the sounds of her sobs he let fly the belt at least 10 more times up down her backside. Her squirming and screaming had resumed. Every time she tried to wriggle away from his belt he yanked her back hard by her hair and relished at the sound of her screams each time the thick leather strap landed on her soft skin. Finally, with sweat soaking both of them and her still struggling to move away from him, he moved her away from the door. Out of curiosity he looked at her breasts, they were red and bleeding in places from the door. He reached over and slapped the side of each breast hard several times with his big, strong hands. Her body reacted violently to each slap. He pinched each nipple hard until she screamed. He knew if she could she would be begging him to stop. As much as he would have liked to hear that it was more exciting to know she couldn’t do anything but scream and hope that he would stop. She could hope all she wanted; he had no plans to stop.

Using the handful of hair, he moved her to the side, onto her hands and knees and positioned himself behind her. He pushed her head down onto the porch and shoved his throbbing cock deep inside her dripping pussy. She was crying and screaming but she was dripping wet and her hips bucked against him against her will, her body betraying her mind in a totally primal way. He pulled back hard on her hair as he began to thrust without mercy or regards to how she liked it. With every thrust came a heavy, hard smack of his hand to her already bruising skin. He fucked her like that for a very long time. She continued to fight him, crying out with every thrust. She heard him calling her a slut, a whore, telling her how much he was enjoying fucking the shit out of her while she fought him. “Fight me little girl, struggle, wiggle, scream. I’m the only one here, slut and I’m not stopping any time soon.” He growled at her, spit flying from his lips as he continued pounding away at her. She sobbed at his words; her body betraying her by cumming against his cock buried deep inside of her.

Finally, she felt Jake’s body stiffen as he came deep inside her swollen pussy. He stayed inside her for several minutes after he was done. Leaning over her, his cock still hard inside of her he said, “I’m gonna let go of your hair but you’ll be still or I’ll fuck you like that again. And this time, I won’t be gentle.”
Fear shivered through her. Her breasts ached and her pussy hurt and her ass was far more tender than it had ever been before. Her sexy stockings were torn and her face was dirty and tear stained. She felt his hand let go of her hair and she stayed still, her face down on the floor of the porch her ass still in the air, his cock still inside. Before she had a chance to feel relieved at the stillness of the moment, she felt his hand come down hard and fast spanking her, again. He had his legs on the outside of hers and he was holding her tight, unable to move. He continued to spank her, hard and without any rubbing between strikes; his hands landing hard on every inch of her ass. There was nothing she could do but cry and hope it would end soon.

Finally, the punishing blows stopped. She felt him slide his cock out of her and heard him stand and zip his pants up. She stayed just where she was, her body shaking and wracked with sobs. He picked his belt up and put it back on. With an almost playful slap to her bottom he kissed the small of her back and said to her,” Travis will be here soon, better pull yourself together. I’m sure he has lots of fun plans for you this weekend.” And with that he walked back to his own property.

Sabrina had no idea how long she was there on the porch by herself, bound, her ass raw and stinging, her pussy leaking the cum of her Master’s neighbor down her legs before she heard His jeep. She didn’t move. She knew she was out of position; she was not able to care. If there was a punishment she wasn’t sure it could not be any worse than what she had just endured.

She heard the door close and his familiar footsteps coming around the cabin. He came close to her, his gentle hands caressing her tender abused bottom and his voice like a salve to her soul as he said, “Well my sweet submissive looks like you’ve had a busy morning waiting for me. Come on now, it’s time to go inside. What a good girl you were for Sir.” He removed her blindfold and wiped away her tears. Her relief at the sight of him brought a smile to his face. With a smirk and just a hint of sarcasm he ran his fingers gently over the cuts and bruises on her breasts, “Looks like Jake was a little harder than I tend to be… poor baby.” His grin looking at her cuts and bruises belied his poor baby comment. “Come on submissive, there are parts of you that got no good use by Jake, I’ll make sure to pay special attention to them, luv.”

Sabrina allowed herself to be stood up and he un-cuffed her ankles so she could walk. He untied the silk ribbon from her mouth and pulled the panties out. He kissed her gently, long and slow and holding her firmly he asked, “Did you enjoy paying my debt to Jake, submissive?” She nodded yes; she knew that was the right answer. He gathered a handful of her hair in the hand he had on the back of her head during their kiss, just a warning which she was quick to heed. “Yes, Sir… thank you, Sir… for allowing me to be useful to you today in such a way,” she whimpered. “That’s my good girl; you have pleased me well today, sweet submissive. Now let’s go see about that sexy mouth and tight little ass that Jake was so kind as to overlook.”

“Yes, Sir…” was all she could say as he led her inside, picking up the wooden spoon as they did.

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