Alone in the Woods

It is all about pushing boundaries. Facing fears and overcoming them. I knew that when I got involved with Him. I just didn’t think this was going to be one of them. It terrifies me so much that it has always been on my hard limits list. So why the fuck was I here? Why was I standing here, the rushing water of the creek inches from my sandaled toes? As I watched the water rush over the rocks and felt the cool breeze blowing over my skin, I remembered standing here with Him on his last visit. Had it really only been four days ago?

The memory plays through my mind.  He leaned in close behind me, wrapping His strong arms around my waist and in that low, sexy voice of His, He told me, in explicit details how He wants to tie me to that fallen tree over the water. He wants to suspend me just inches from the rushing water, so close that the spray as it passe over the rocks, will cover my bare skin. He whispers how it makes His cock hard to think of me there, helpless, tied, naked with my skin covered in goosebumps. I felt my breath catch as the implications of that idea set in.  Standing there on the bank, watching the water flow, the scene shifted from peaceful tranquility in my mind, to something akin to terror as He continued to talk. My eyes wide and body trembling as I watch the bubbling water.
In our short time together, one thing I had come to know about Him, was that once an idea took root in His mind, it was only a very short time before He would want it to be a reality. I swallowed hard fighting the fear that began to overwhelm me at the thought. I felt His arms tighten around me as He traced light, teasing kisses over my neck. The fear mixed with the delicious sensations of His mouth on my skin leaving me lightheaded. My reaction to His words fueled more words. Fear. Excitement. Terror. Torment. He could feel every emotion I was feeling and He fed on them. He whispered about tying me to the top of the tree, my back against the rough bark, the rope biting into my skin as he flogged me mercilessly… up and down the entire front of my body. My hands held tight by my side, my body tied in such a way that wiggling would be near impossible… “I mean, we wouldn’t want you wiggling loose and falling into the water, would we?” He asked, with a wicked grin on His lips. I shivered. We spent the next several hours of that visit, fucking right there in the woods… the sound of the dreaded water bubbling in my ears as I lost myself in Him over and over and over that afternoon.
And, now here I was in the same spot, four days later. I had an assignment. It seemed so simple. Make my way to the rock in the center of the creek. Strip to the panties He had picked out. Sit. Use the bondage tape to bind my feet together at the ankles and my left hand to my left thigh. Set the timer for 15 minutes and put on the blindfold, hold my right arm bent behind my back until the timer goes off. When the timer goes off, snap a photo from above, trying to capture the perspective of Him standing over me. Send it to Him. If He is satisfied, it will be complete and I can dress and remove myself from the water. Simple, right?
I am not afraid of water. I know how to swim. I spend a good deal of time in the water every summer. However, I am terrified of drowning. And, being bound in a creek of swift moving water seemed to be a good start to possible drowning. I had told Him all of this. That revelation was met with His question of whether or not I trusted Him to keep me safe no matter what activity we were engaged in. (Of course I do.) And a task to push my boundaries and force me face to face with one of my biggest fears. So, here I am with a choice to make. The cool water laps at my toes and the bubbling water fills my ears. I feel a little sick, a little scared. Am I going to be able to go through with it or will leave and call Sir… tell Him I failed… that I was just too big of a sissy?
The sound of footsteps invades my thoughts, startling me. I turn to find a group of young boys behind me. Nineteen, twenty years old… maybe. They are watching me and I realize I have no idea how long they have been. I make eye contact with the one that appears to be the leader of this little pack, wave a little half wave hoping they will just leave. I have a task to complete.
He smiles. A big, friendly, disarming sort of smile and continues to move towards me, his eyes sliding left and right, looking around the area and the air around us seems to shift from a calm, peaceful day to something much more malevolent. Nervous now and suddenly very aware of just how isolated this area is, I start to walk back the way I came, but too late, I realize I am going to have to walk right through the three of them to get back to the trail. Damn. They’ve stopped approaching me, but they are blocking the way, intentionally… humor playing over their handsome features.
Putting my head down and pushing forward, I try to get past them. I can smell them. They smell really good. Damnit. I can feel their energy buzzing. I glance up to see the blond one, smirking at me. He has an incredible mouth. OH Stop that, I tell myself. This is a dangerous situation. One more step and I would have walked right into him. His eyes held a dangerous little glint as I tried to side step him and he matched my move. He chuckled at my obvious distress and the air was electrified as the primal nature of the boys, with prey in sight, began to kick in.
The other two boys came in close. I retreated a step, trying not to let them see the mix of emotions flooding through me. I should be scared to death, but there was a sexy little thrill that clearly should not have been. It was very clear that these boys had me in their sites and a very good chance I wasn’t going to be getting safely away, much less completing my task. Out of nowhere I thought, “what in the world am I going to tell sir about why the task isn’t done?” Even as I stepped back again, away from the advancing trio with a growing hunger in their eyes, my concern of my failed task was all I could think about.
A stroke of genius flashed as I backed painfully into the trunk of a tree, the bark biting into my back and shoulders. If I took a filthy story back to Sir, maybe the failure of the task would be forgiven. He liked such things and it is so out of my nature to be so bold that it seemed a perfect solution. If I let these boys have their way with me, that would make a filthy story to tell Sir. I knew, instinctively, that He would love the idea. The butterflies in my belly took flight as the decision was made. It would have to be really good to earn the forgiveness for the failed task. I was going to have to make it count. I hated failing. If I was going to fail, I was going to have something equally delightful to take to Him.
I dropped the bag I had in my hand, when my back connected with the tree. I cried out in surprise, my lips forming that perfect little O shape and my eyes, touched with fear, just the perfect amount of gullibility and boldness watched as the trio approached. I let the very real fear I was feeling creep into my eyes, feeling my body begin to tremble. They recognized the fear and the surrender and grew bolder. “Are you here alone, little girl?” The tallest of the three asked, his eyes raking over my body shamelessly. I nodded that I was. I swallowed hard. I looked afraid, vulnerable. They were looking for prey, so I became prey… even as my lust began to build.
“Pretty girl, pretty girl alone in the woods.” one of them murmured as they closed the space between us. The lust of the three of them filled the air, it was contagious and I felt my body respond. My nipples hardened beneath the thin blouse I wore. My breasts are large and pierced and usually I don’t go without a bra, but today I had been instructed too do just that. I could feel the thin fabric rubbing against the sensitive buds as they tightened making my arousal apparent to all of them and none of them missed it.
They were right on top of me now. Still I didn’t fight. I wanted to be repulsed, but my body betrayed me, beginning to tingle and wet in anticipation. I knew deep down, I wanted what they were going to do to me. I used the gift of the story to Sir as my reason, but it was just an excuse to give in. I felt them pawing at me, clumsily like young boys do, their eyes heavy with lust and their voices thick with violent tendencies. I didn’t fight them off. I let their amateur groping become frenzied as their fingers skimmed over every inch of my exposed skin. The hunger was growing in them, I could feel it. My back arched lustily as one of them braved a handful of tit, his big, strong hand closing down tightly and I cried out.
Like the first shot fired in a standoff, my cry sent all three of them over the edge. Their hands were everywhere, I could feel them pinching and pulling. They pushed me roughly against the tree, I heard the thin fabric of my shirt rip.Their voices filled my head with the filthy thoughts they were speaking.”Gonna fuck the shit outta you, pretty girl.””Stick my cock in that pretty mouth of yours.”“Maybe I’ll ram my cock in your asshole. Bet you ain’t never had anyone do that before.”

Fucking titties so fucking big, give me that tittie, pinch it and squeeze it.”

“Gonna hurt you, girl. You’ll love it, I can tell what a slut you are.”

The words washed over me as they pinched and pulled at my nipples. One grabbed my bottom lip between his fingers and pulled it hard, talking about all the depraved things he was going to do to my mouth.

The boy standing in front of me, the youngest of the three, thrilled at that sound of my shirt tearing and pulled again, ripping the shirt down the middle and exposing my breasts. Leaning his head down, he bit his way, sharply, across my collar bones and down to the soft flesh. I did not protest. I closed my eyes and let them have their way, let my body respond to them.  I felt the other two boys’ hands around my wrists pulling my arms painfully back around each side of the tree. My shorts and the pretty panties Sir had picked out were unceremoniously pulled down around my ankles, exposing all of me to the boys’ probing. With their free hands the other two boys, were pinching and pulling, playfully slapping any part of my body they could reach.

I knew I should try to fight them, but my body was responding to their violent touches and I couldn’t have fought them off, even if I had truly wanted too. I am a good girl. But at my core, I am a slut. I love fucking. I love violent fucking. I love being used. My body practically begs for it. These boys, though obviously inexperienced, were stroking my lusty inner slut to life with every bite, every pinch, every slap. I felt the two boys holding my hands slide their knees between my thighs, forcing me to open for the third boy. I could see his cock straining against his shorts. I licked my lips and when our eyes met, I asked boldly, “Is that for me? You think you could make me cum with that little cock of yours?” I was baiting him. How deep did his violence run?

The challenge danced in my eyes and ignited a fury in him. Taking his cock out, stroking it as he watched his friends holding me. He thrust his cock at me, sliding it between my legs clumsily, threatening to show me just what a man he was, just how hard he could make me cum. The position was all wrong, he was never going to get it in this way, I giggled a little. His friends pissed at my laughing and taunting of their friend, let go of my arms and pulled me by my ankles roughly down the tree trunk and onto the ground. The sharp bark of the tree scraping the skin from my back and the rough floor of the forest painful even as they grabbed my legs holding them wide open for him. I wasn’t fighting but they put their knees on my arms anyway, pinning me to the forest floor, open wide for the boy’s violation.

My cunt, wet and slick, was ready for him. My hips thrust lustily  towards him, my eyes daring him to try. He plunged his cock inside of me, pummeling away as his buddies egged him on. My body responded, bucking wildly against him. My arms pinned to the ground under the knees of the other two boys and my legs spread wide by their hands, I writhed under the boy, digging my scratched back into the twigs and leaves under me. The grunting of the boy filling my ears, his sweat dripping onto my face as he continued his rhythmic thrusting. The other boys started to complain that he’d had his turn. It was their turn with the pretty little whore all alone in the woods. But the boy was relentless, he wasn’t giving up his place between my legs just yet. I came, my cries filling the air, my body tightening around him, quaking with the orgasm. In the throes of the orgasm, my head lifted from the ground, my eyes opened and my heart nearly dropped to the middle of the earth.

Standing there just beyond the trio of boys, was my Sir. My lust addled brain could not make sense of this. Fleeting thoughts slid around in my head, I hadn’t finished my task, and I hadn’t finished the story I was going to tell to make up for not finishing my task, and I hadn’t asked permission to fuck these boys here, I just came without permission, and what… what was he doing here?  The fear of being caught by Him in such a compromising position was clearly evident on my face as I watched Him watching us.The boys were unaware of his presence. They continued to hold me, to pinch me, and the boy between my legs just kept thrusting. But my focus was wholly on Him now. His eyes met mine and to my surprise, instead of rage there, I found… pride. Clearly, He was enjoying the show. He was enjoying seeing His little slut being so greedily used. Seeing the approval in His eyes, the proof of His enjoyment stretching His jeans tight over His hardening cock, I grinned a wicked little grin for Him and my eyes never leaving His, fucked the boy. I was no longer afraid at all, I was emboldened by His presence, by His approval.

The boys were still arguing when one of them became aware that my focus had shifted and looked around to find Sir standing behind them. The boys stopped arguing with each other, but reamained holding me tightly down. They watched Him with fear in their eyes He quietly walked into the same space we occupied. I watched Him with lust and adoration. He made eye contact with each of them and each of them looked away first. These boys were children in the presence of Sir and they knew it. What they couldn’t figure out was why He hadn’t made them stop. Why He wasn’t coming to my defense, rescuing me. One of the boys, foolishly, tried to tell Him that I was there with them, that I was his girlfriend and that He needed to leave us alone. I almost giggled as I watched Sir digest that ridiculous thought. I belonged only to Him.

My Sir just smirked a little and flashed those gorgeous blue eyes to mine, knowingly. He still hadn’t spoken. Their hold on me loosened as each second ticked past. He laid his duffel bag on a huge rock nearby and walked over to me. He stood between my feet, just behind the boy whose softening cock was still inside of me. The boy scrambled to the side. Sir gave each of the boys holding me direct looks and they loosened their hold on me completely, scooting over to sit by their friend.

I didn’t move. Bending into a squat between my legs, Sir traced His fingers gently over my welting skin, over my inner thighs and deftly slid two fingers into my sloppy pussy. My back arched, forcing my pussy up for Him and a moan slipped past my lips. A smile of approval lifted the corners of His lips and I fought the urge to cum at His skilled touch, my eyes begging Him for permission. “No.” He said, quietly, but with enough force that I knew my wordless plea had been understood. Sliding His fingers roughly in and out, slamming them into my pelvis, my body meeting His hand with each forceful stroke, He brought me skillfully to the edge, a place He recognized well. Two quick strokes past the edge as I held off the orgasm I had been denied, He removed His fingers, leaving me gaping and crying with need and want. He just chuckled.

He took my hands and yanked me roughly to my feet. I tried for grace, as I always do when I’m with Him, and failed… as I always do when He is yanking me around by hands, my hair, my collar. Dragging me over to the rock, He bent me over it and took the rope out of His bag. Tying me securely to the rock, He tied my hair into the rope forcing my head to stay up and looking strait ahead of me, my arms were secured all the way to my wrists, though my hands were left free. My legs were spread wide and tied tightly at the ankles and thighs. There was no give at all. There would be no wiggling tonight, whatever was in store. The boys watched in fascination as He spanked my exposed pussy several times, each slap harder than the one before. I had not been given permission, but I came anyway. There is no way to spank my pussy and I not cum. He knows this, but I received the four hard swats on my ass as punishment anyway. This was a torment He took great delight in, though He was not the only one.

My ass tingled as my hips gyrated wantonly and my breasts ached from being pushed so tightly against the cold rock. I heard Him speak to the trio of boys. He was offering me up for their use. They seemed doubtful at first, but it didn’t take them long to put His generosity to the test. The boy who had been between my legs was now in front of me, his cock at my lips and I heard Sir say, “Open, slut.” I opened and the boy slid his cock in my mouth. He seemed a bit unsure of what to do next. While he tried to figure it out I felt a cock pushing at the tight little bud of my ass and I cried out, trying to shake my head, but to no avail. The rope was too tight. I heard Sir tell the boy that if he wanted to fuck my ass, he had to have some lube. “I’m feeling generous, tonight.” He said. But the boy seemed a little lost… there was no lube in the woods. “Spit on it, boy… fuck… just spit on it.” Sir instructed and I grinned a little at the exasperation in his voice. I wasn’t grinning for long though as the boy wetted his cock and slid it into my ass. He was not gentle, he did not know what he was doing, but he managed to get it in, finding his rhythm in long full strokes in and out. I could feel his hands digging into my hips and each thrust brushed my nipples painfully against the rock, forcing my mouth up and down the other boy’s cock.
Sir was at my head now. He was telling the boy not to be gentle with his little fucktoy. “She’s strong, resilient. Don’t worry about her, fuck her mouth like a pussy. She will take it.” His eyes on my face as He said it. A quick slap against my cheek and I quickly responded, “Yes, Sir. Yes. I will take it. Please, please let this boy fuck my mouth.” Another slap, sent my head floating as the boy grew bold under Sir’s watch, thrusting the full length of his cock into my throat, banging against the back of my throat, gagging me with each stroke.
I feel Sir’s strong hands gripping my ass cheeks, digging his fingers in mightily as the boys filled me from both ends. The third boy joined the second at my mouth. First one cock and then the other, sometimes both. I opened my mouth and took whatever they had for me. Sucking and licking and crying out with each stroke of the boy in my ass.
I felt Sir standing close to me. His throbbing cock in my hand, I stroked Him. Long, steady strokes with my hand tightly wrapped around Him as He watched the young boys violate me. His hands alternately squeezing my ass and spanking it. The sensations of the four of them overwhelming me, sending me sinking, floating. The boy comes in my ass. I can feel his body tighten, hear him groan as he shoots his load deep inside, shuddering as my body convulses around him. He slides out and collapses on the ground next to the rock, leaving my asshole gaping and leaking cum.
The two boys at my mouth are stroking their cocks, wet from my spit. My mouth is open, drool sliding down my chin, long trails of it between my mouth and their cocks, begging for one to let me feed upon it but they delight in denying me such a treat and even the cock in my hand is no longer there. From overwhelming sensations to nothing but need and hunger. The boys are stroking their cocks fast and hard, so close to me that they bump my mouth, my nose, bumping each other as their hands slide wildly over their cocks. Words falling out of my mouth, nearly incoherent. “Please, please put it in my mouth. Let me suck that for you, please. Please give it to me.” One of the boys slaps me. I moan. The other one puts his cock just to my lips as I stretch painfully against the rope in my hair trying to get his cock in my mouth and he laughs at my effort as he cums. His cum coating my lips, my cheeks, dripping off my chin. He rubs it around my face with his fingers as the last boy brings himself to the edge.
My attention is drawn to a cool sensation sliding up my thigh. I can’t figure out what it is. A smooth object, cool to the touch sliding steadily towards my soaked cunt. There is a slight pressure at the tender opening and with a steady pressure I am filled with something cold… and hard. Filled, stretched. Whatever it is it’s very wide, the pressure inside is intense. Even as the cool object begins sliding in and out of my pussy the last boys cums. Opening my mouth, he shoots the thick, salty cum onto my tongue. From behind me, Sir says, “Hold it, slut. No swallowing. And mind your manners. Thank the boy,”
I take all of the boy’s cum on my tongue holding it obediently, saying thank you around the puddle in my mouth. The cool metal shaft still sliding tightly in and out of my wet pussy. The boys have all taken a seat on the ground, cocks in their hands as they absentmindedly stroke to the show Sir is putting on now.
Accentuating every stroke of the thing in my pussy with a hard slap to my ass, the strokes become faster and faster. My ass is glowing, tingling, every new slap hurts more than the last. There is no rubbing after the slaps, no wiggling away, and no slowing of the thing fucking me. The tears come. I cum wetly, the cum sliding down my thighs each time the thing pulls out of my pussy. It is so big, fills my pussy up completely. I still have no idea what it could be, at this point I no longer care. I am begging for permission to cum even as the cum is running down my legs, splashing over Sir standing between them. I can feel the boy’s cum oozing out of my ass each time my body convulses and I feel Sir’s fingers exploring my tender asshole between his slaps on my ass.
My body is wracked from cumming so much. Tears have streaked down my cheeks from the painful spankings. I can feel the cum drying on my face and the cum in my mouth has pooled with the saliva there and while I haven’t swallowed it is slipping out of my mouth, dripping down my chin and over my neck, puddling on the rock in the swell of my breasts.
With a final thrust of the object deep into my pussy, Sir demands, “Swallow, slut.” I swallow, relieved. The boys are sitting in front of me and I watch them stroke their cocks as they watch Sir and I and begin to swell again. Seeing them grow hard again, Sir encourages them to come back and join us. With a boy on each side of the rock, stroking them with my hands, Sir removes the object from my pussy and directs the other boy between my legs. Instead of fucking me, he kneels down and begins licking my pussy. While he was quite clumsy and inexperienced with his cock, his tongue is exceptionally talented and he has me cumming quick. He doesn’t let up, licking me through orgasm after orgasm. Sir has worked His way to my head. He is standing before me, stroking His cock and watching my face. The words coming from me, punctuated with pants, groans, moaning… I beg for His cock. “Please, Sir… pleeeeeaasseeeee Sir… please can I suck your cock. It’s so fucking beautiful, please let me have it… please let me show you how much i love it… my eyes follow His hand as it strokes, more words of begging, I love you cock, Sir… I need it. Please may I have it. Please let me show you. Desperation colors every plea. Straining hard against the rope in my hair trying to get my mouth on His cock and he stays just out of reach.
He comes forward, sticking two of his fingers in my mouth and I suck greedily on them, sliding them in and out of my mouth, wishing they were his cock. He looks down at me, sliding His hand around my throat and my words cease as my breath is constricted. My body stills. His hand tightens and He brings His handsome face close to mine. “Slut. You are not to stop jerking those two boys off again, no matter what.” I nod against His hand my understanding and begin stroking the boys again. Up again, His cock is so close to my mouth. I can’t resist. I licked it without permission. His hand tight in my hair, yanking my head back and turning my face up to him… my hands don’t stop and the third boy is making me cum yet again.
I’m expecting a slap but none come. His cock is in His hand again and His hand painfully tight in my hair. He rubs the drying cum on my cheeks with His cock, slapping me with it. Chuckling as He watches the torment on my face. The boy behind me has stopped licking my pussy and has decided to try his hand at spanking. His blows start gentle, barely register but grow harder and harder, faster and faster. His hands are all over my ass, reaching between my legs and wandering down my inner thighs. The blows increasingly harder as he finds that he likes the cries of hurt coming from me.
Sir draws my attention back to Him with one word, “Open.” My mouth immediately opens and He shoves His cock deep into my throat holding me tightly there my air cut off and the panic begins to set in as i strain against the ropes holding me, wiggling around as the boy continues to spank the flesh between my legs. I haven’t stopped cumming, my thighs are soaked with cum, making every slap of his fingers sting more.
The boys in my hands are close to cumming and Sir instructs them all between my legs. “Cum on her ass.” He tells them. “All three of you.” I can feel them behind me jerking themselves off, my hips lift my swollen pussy, my gaping ass for them to see, writhing, craving the hot cum shower that is coming. Pulling my head violently off His cock, Sir gives me just a second to gasp for breath before shoving it deep into my throat again. Sucking Him as He holds me there, my tongue slipping out and licking His balls. He’s so close to cumming. Both hands on my head, He fucks my mouth. Hard, fast, relentless without concern for me. Using me violently. He pulls me down hard, burying His cock deep in my throat. His growl as He cums sends me over the edge and I cum, hot wet cum squirting on the boys between my legs. Their climax quickly follows and my ass and pussy are coated in the mixed cum of the three strangers.
Sucking Sir, milking every drop of His delicious cum into my throat like a greedy little slut should, I feel His body shuddering and He groans His pleasure. The boys are putting their clothes back on… making a hasty exit as Sir slides his cock out of my mouth.
The clearing has gone quiet as my body gives out and goes limp within my restraints. Sir begins untying me, His words soothing as His hands slide over my tender, torn skin proudly. “Look how beautiful you look, My filthy little girl, covered in cum, your ass spanked red, dripping cum like a good little slut. You’re such a lovely mess.” I can hear the satisfaction and pride in His voice and I float in His praises. Even as the ropes are loosened and my body freed, I stay still against the rock, unable to move. Picking me up, Sir carries me to the bubbling creek and wades in. He sits down with me in the cool water and rinses the sins of the afternoon from my skin with a gentleness I could drown in. The water is cool against the spanked and scratched skin of my back and ass. It’s wonderful to be in His arms as He brings me carefully back down. Wrapping my arms around His neck my well used slut mouth seeks His for a kiss and He happily obliges, kissing me long and deep. Murmuring what a good girl I am against my lips.
I decide to wait until later to tell Him I didn’t finish the task and curl up against Him in the cool water of the creek as the sun sets and the day ends.

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