Soft glow of a single bedside lamp

My fingers slip into my panties

You consume my thoughts

The fringes of the world fade
Stardust and pinprick edges

Fingers slick, sliding over flesh
Fiery tingles slip across sensitive skin
Arched back
Hard nipples
Soft moans

Breath caught
Need burning
Possess me
Take me
Own me

My own hand at my throat
Not the same
I squeeze anyway

Spiraling down
My happy place
Fluttering, lusty eyes rolled back
Nipples pinched

Your face
Your voice
Turning my thoughts into smoke

Your words compel my body’s response
“Cum for me, my little slut”
Your name whispered on ragged breath
As the commanded orgasm shatters me

Quaking uncontrollable
My hand stays between my thighs
Stroking my swollen clit

Every tremor, a whimper

Dripping with need
I hear you
“Good girl.”
My favorite two words.
I can almost feel your hands
Ghost whispers of touch stroke my hair, touch my cheek
Chills cover my skin

The tremors fade
Eyes flutter open

You, at the foot of the bed
Watching me hungrily as I begin to recover
A sweet, shy smile on my lips

“Fingers in your mouth, taste yourself.”
You demand
I obey
Sex flavored fingertips between my teeth

A wicked grin
Sadistic glint in your beautiful eyes
“Cum for me slut,” You growl

My body responds
Convulsing in orgasmic bliss
Sinking again into the waves of pleasure

You watch without touching
Knowing my every orgasm is yours
To give or to deny
A simple command
A slowly spoken string of vowels and consonants
Eliciting a delicious response

My fingers were in my mouth
Your command, the only force

The orgasm slams through me
You order my eyes on you
I see your grin and know
There is much more to come

“Again my lusty little slut, again”

And that is how our night began…



Written for The Kinklings

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