A little about me… okie dokie…

You can call me Bella. If we get to know each other, I might tell you my real name, but then again I might not. I am on a journey to discover who in the world I really am. This blog is my place to share that journey and try to get it to make sense to me. Welcome to my crazy life.

In my relationship I am wife / princess / baby girl / brat / pony girl / lover / best friend / soul mate / slut / playtoy / and much more to Trblemaker. We’ve been married for 13 years. He is my rock, my protector, my Daddy, my best friend, my soul mate and the absolute love of my life. Our dynamic is always growing, changing and flexing. We haven’t really settled into any defined D/s but the foundation is clearly and completely in place. He is the Dominant one in our relationship and my heart and soul belong to Him.

In addition to who I am in my relationship I am also that girl. You know the one. The soccer mom (well in my case it’s cub scouts and baseball mom) with a seriously kinky, naughty, bratty side that no one suspects is there. I’ll just as quickly organize a camp out or who’s bringing snacks to the next scout meeting as I will the next play party and who gets spanked in which order. My life as a submissive kinky princess is my dirty little secret. A secret that makes me smile… alot.

I am a bi, poly, swinger, sometimes submissive, exhibitionist lover of life and all things sexy, sensual, fun and crazy. And, while Daddy and I are open to the development of new relationships we do not actively pursue new partners (choosing instead to simply be open to the opportunity if it should arise), we do not play separately and we will not allow anyone to come between or cause separation with us.

Respect, intelligence and good humor are vital. My mind is certainly my most effective erogenous zone. I have a serious weakness for words and people who know how to use them effectively. I love a good mind fuck. I believe I can give as good as I get in this area… stroke my mental g-spot a bit and I promise to return the favor.

Find me on fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/1160206

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