A Moment of Distraction – Erotica

One from the archives. Written in 2011 for a very close twitter friend @Rebels_Notes

It had been a long week for Jessica and Rebel. Rebel’s mother in law had fallen very ill and rebel had been at her bedside every day keeping vigil. Jessica’s life had taken a turn for the worse in the same week when her husband of six years had walked out of her apartment and out of her life. Trying to do something, anything to distract from the hurting, Jessica called on Rebel to see if she were up for hospital dinner in the cafeteria and a little best friend girl time.


Jess could hear the desperate need for a break in Rebel’s voice as soon as she answered. Rebel tried to put Jess off saying she didn’t want to leave her mother in law’s side. Determined, Jess was not taking no for an answer. She drug herself off the couch where she had been since hubs walked out. She showered, paying special attention to all the girlie parts. Not just wanting to feel human again but to feel pretty and girlie and human she shaved, exfoliated, shampooed. Taking longer than normal in the shower, standing under the hot spray of the water, her soapy hands running over her breasts and teasing the neglected heat between her legs. She brought herself to the edge feeling her sex swell and tingle and stopped just short of an orgasm. She loved the feeling of being edged and since there was no one to instruct her to do it, she decided to do it to herself. She needed a distraction from the heartbreak and this along with her friend’s company should do the trick.

She switched the shower from the pleasant hot water to almost unbearably cold and let the sensation of the cold water give her chills and take her breath away. Rinsing her hair under the cold water, she pinched her tightly budded nipples and felt her pussy constrict with the pleasant pain. Jess turned the water off and spent the next half hour fixing her long, dark hair and applying her makeup with special care. A quick spray of her favorite body spray and she was ready to dress. She chose a simple red sundress and flipflops with nothing on underneath. Feeling better than she had in days, she grabbed her phone and her purse and headed off to see if she could offer her friend some distraction as well.

Jess arrived at the hospital and found Rebel in her mother in law’s room. They exchanged hugs and Rebel caught her up on her mother in laws condition. It was overwhelmingly sad in that room. “C’mon baby, lets get out of here for a few minutes, it’s only dinner.” Jessica said to her friend, tugging on her hand and begging with her eyes. “You need a break, c’mon, just a few minutes.” Rebel felt the tug of the need for distraction. She could smell the light perfume of her friend and feel the pressure of Jessica’s hand in hers. Rebel was always a sucker for Jess and she finally gave in, “Ok, Jess but really only a minute, just a quick bite here in the cafeteria.”

Jessica just smiled and tugged again until Rebel started to follow. Jessica decided not to let go of her friend’s hand as they walked down the hall together. She felt like a show of support was needed and she loved the feel of Rebel’s fingers intertwined with hers. They walked in quiet down towards the cafeteria. Feeling bold and knowing Rebel needed more than dinner, Jessica spotted a door a few feet away and pulled Rebel inside.

“Ummm.. Jess..?” Rebel questioned. Not letting go of her hand in the small dark space, Jessica quickly flipped the lock on the supply room door and the room went pitch black. There wasn’t even any light from the crack under the door. Rebel started to speak, giggling just a little as the air crackled with the unspoken sexual energy that had always been between them but that they had never talked about. “shhh Rebel… just shhh.” Jessica told her as she moved closer, trapping Rebel between the door and her body. Holding both of Rebel’s hands in her own, Jessica pinned them against the door at Rebel’s side. She leaned in close, smelling the sweet smell of Rebel’s hair and feeling her breath hot against her cheek. As Jessica leaned in close nuzzling Rebel’s neck, a moan escaped her friend’s lips and she was no longer talking.

Jessica’s lips finding the soft skin of Rebel’s neck, hot wet kisses tracing her neckline to her earlobe where Jess nibbled and sighed softly, biting just hard enough to elicit a sharp intake of breath from Rebel. She slid her hands up Rebel’s arms, down her side and slipped her tshirt over her head. While Rebel’s arms were over her head Jess held both her slim wrists in one hand as her other hand slid down her arm and over the soft full curve of Rebel’s breast. Cupping the weight of her breast in her free hand, Jess slid her thumb over the nipple and felt Rebel’s back arch. She couldn’t help but smile as she lowered her mouth to the tightening bud of nipple under her thumb. Jess slid her tongue around the nipple feeling goosebumps break out on her friend’s skin, sliding her arm around Rebel’s back and pulling the beautiful girl tightly to her, Jessica began to suck and scrape lightly the nipple now painfully erect. Moving her mouth across Rebel’s body to the other nipple and showing the same loving attention to it. Her free hand sliding down over the supple curve of Rebel’s bottom, squeezing tightly and hearing a satisfying moan from her friend as Rebel began to wiggle under Jessica’s attentions.

Moving Rebel’s arms down and pinning them between her back and the door, Jessica whispered in her ear, “Keep your hands there sweet Rebel.” With both her hands free, Jessica quickly stripped Rebel of the remainder of her clothes, the scent of arousal was thick in the air of the small little space and Jessica knelt in front of her freind, her hands on Rebel’s feet, sliding up the smooth, soft skin of her legs. Reaching her bottom she cupped both cheeks and squeezed hard. Rebel’s hips bucked but she kept her hands where they were supposed to be. Smiling to herself Jessica leaned close to her friend, nuzzling the triangle where her legs were held tight together. Jessica’s hands slid just slightly down the back of Rebel’s legs and tugged at her thighs, encouraging her to spread herself a little. As Rebel moved her legs apart, Jessica was immediately aware of her scent, musky aroused womanly and suddenly she felt her own nipples harden and knew her sex would be slick and wet should she slide her fingers into it. But her fingers craved a different sex and her nuzzles slowly turned into licks of the heated swollen flesh of her friend’s pussy. Jessica ran her tongue teasingly over the lips and traced the hot slit without actually invading it, her hands and fingers squeezing and pulling at Rebel’s ass, fingers playing over the tight bud of her asshole, teasing but not penetrating. Rebel moved her ass against Jessica’s hands, a quiet plea for pentetration, but Jess was not ready to give her that yet. Sliding one hand up between Rebel’s legs she cupped her pussy and let one finger slip into the soft folds there. Jessica felt Rebel’s hands in her hair, gently pushing her face into her sex. Rebel’s breath coming quick, pussy dripping, back arched a plea escaped her lips on a soft sigh. Running her hands up the back of Rebel’s legs and filling them with her ass, Jessica slid her tonge past the slit and the sweet metallic taste of her friend exploded on her tongue. Jess felt her knees go week as she opened Rebel up with her tongue and slid it over her swollen clit, flicking softly. Sliding two fingers inside Rebel’s pussy and pushing up hard she heard Rebel gasp and felt her grip tighten on her hair. Unable to hold herself back anymore Jessica buried herself in Rebel’s heat and licked furiously.. pulling gently with her teeth and suckling her clit, soon the only sounds were their moans and sighs and the sound of Jessica’s fingers sliding in and out of the wetness between Rebel’s legs. Finding the spot that made Rebel’s eyes roll back in her head, Jess concentrated there, grinning at the cries coming from her friend. Wrapping her arms tight around the tops of Rebel’s legs as she began to buck with her orgasm, Jessica held on tight and didn’t stop licking as orgasm after orgasm wracked Rebel’s body. Rebel’s hands were knotted tightly in Jessica’s hair and her legs were like a vice grip on jess’s head and still she did not stop until she heard Rebel begging her to.

Jessica slowed her licking and teasing down as she continued to pull slow strong orgasms from her friend, the begging and moaning like music to her ears. Slowly she let the pressure up and passed only teasing licks over the sensetive sex of her friend, causing her body to buck and spasm until she felt Rebel’s knees give way and she pulled her down into her lap. Stroking Rebel’s skin as she shivered in the afterglow, Jessica sought Rebel’s mouth with her own and shared the sweet taste of her cum with her in a long heated kiss. Kissing and stroking her until she stopped shivering, they sat in the dark closet just holding onto each other for a long time, neither of them wanting to return to real life and neither of them pushing the other to do so.

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