47 Random Bella Goodies You May or May Not Already Know

This is taken from a fun little game on Fetlife. I was given the number 47 so here are 47 fun little goodies about me that you may or may not already know.


1. Everyone I meet is passed through my – would I fuck you – filter and quickly sorted into: nope. yep. maybe. ah hell naw. fucking yes… can we right now? and meh.

2. I lost my virginity when I was 14 years old to the Batman soundtrack. I have had an obsession with Batman since I was in the 9th grade.

3. I am a faith filled, tongue speaking, church going, wild child, rebellious daughter of God. I believe that my relationship with a creator and a God bigger than myself is vital to my balance and well being. I’ve been touched by the hand of God too many times in my life to ever be convinced that something bigger than ourselves doesn’t exist. I believe that spirituality and even Christian beliefs and faith can coincide quite peacefully with poly and kink.

4. My favorite color is green, followed closely by pink and anything covered in glitter

5. I have been to jail

6. I love being touched and I am very affectionate with people that I like. Cuddling and petting are two of my most favorite things in the world.

7. I do not believe in holding grudges. It takes a LOT to get me mad.

8. I rarely get jealous

9. I’ve been practicing compersion since way way way before I knew what it was or that there was a word for it. The same with poly and kink.

10. I have had sex in a walk-in freezer at Domino’s Pizza and in one of those little storage buildings they sell at Lowe’s and Home Depot, while it was still in front of the store.

11. I love personal growth and spend a lot of time in personal introspection in an effort to be always evolving and growing. I love taking classes, listening to the experiences of others, reading books, etc. all in the name of growth. A desire for personal growth is an essential quality in my potential partners.

12. I love designing websites and working with graphic arts. Making a true living blogging and doing design work is something I want so bad to be a reality in my life.

13. I have a weird obsession with office supplies and office supply stores

14. I love dating. I love experiencing all of the things that come with dating someone, all of the feelings and emotions and thoughts and experiences that come with getting to know someone new.

15. I love to dance and will do it almost anywhere the music moves me

16. It used to take massive amounts of alcohol to get me to sing karaoke but not anymore — no, I really can’t sing but, I won’t make your ears bleed either. I even sing along with the overhead music at wal-mart and the grocery store. I will sing and / or dance pretty much anywhere.

17. I could spend the rest of my life in a tiki hut on the beach — open air with the breeze blowing the gauzy white curtains while the surf crashed just outside the door and a big comfy bed right in the middle of the room with crisp white sheets and fully stocked mini bar. A hammock between two palm trees and fire pit outside — seriously like heaven on earth. (shhhhhh I don’t want to hear about hurricanes or tsunamis)

18. I am a bit of an attention whore. I love to share my life, especially in words.

19. I value silliness and a sense of humor over almost any other traits.

20. I love road trips. One day I would love to travel to each of the 50 states and have a lusty weekend in each one

21. I have five sons, four of whom I gave birth too. Two of whom are grown, two who are teenagers and one sweet 10 year old

22. I am always surprised at how much of a bitch I am capable of being, even though I am usually very sunny and happy. My inner mean girl is not a girl you want to meet.

23. I’ve never felt like I truly belonged to any community the way I do to the kink community. Finding kink was a truly life transforming discovery for me.

24. I lived in Las Vegas for 7 years and only hit a Royal Flush on the poker machines once. On my 21st birthday at the grocery store with one quarter in $250 bucks. *sigh*

25. Most important traits in a potential partner for me: Flexibility, understanding, self-happiness, honest, dominant, friendly, self reliant, fun, adventurous, silly, easy going, spiritual.

26. I love talking about sex, poly, and relationships and believe it is incredibly healthy to do so.

27. I have never owned a home in my name.

28. I am not good at learning things through other’s experiences. I usually have to learn the hard way.

29. I am a life liver. I am never satisfied with sitting around and living vicariously through others. I want adventure, fun, excitement. I am a memory maker.

30. I am not a fan of any sport.

31. I grew up with a father who hit women on a regular basis. Being so active in the BDSM lifestyle seems like such an odd place for me to have ended up in life having grown up with that sort of abuse

32. I am a bright side of life kind of person. I will always look for the good in people, in situations, in the world.

33. I suffer from bouts of insomnia

34. One of my favorite things in the world to do is to drive in cool weather, windows down, music up — just me and the road and my twisted thoughts.

35. I suffer from a fear of success and often have to do battle with my self-destructive tendencies to find success… I don’t always win.

36. I am bi, but maybe it’s more like I’m only part time bi. I love pretty girls (my definition of pretty, not the world’s). I love the way they smell. I love the way their skin feels. I love the sounds of their giggles and their voices. I love touching them, petting them, kissing them. But I only get the urge to have sex with other women about 1/4 as often as I want to have sex with the men in my life. This is no testament to the women, because I gots me some sexy bitches in my life… and I mean h-o-l-y fuck sexy. It’s just me.

37. I am a world class procrastinator

38. I am also extremely good under pressure — so the procrastinator thing works out

39. I have a bit of an obsession with photographs. I have thousands of them, digital and printed.

40. I am not a very good grown up most days but I am trying hard to be better.

41. I got my first tattoo at the age of 36… on a table in my one of my best friend’s kitchen. I now have 3.5 tattoos.

42. I got my first piercing (not including my ears) a few months before that at 35 and my hood was pierced almost a year ago in the living room of a friend’s apartment.

43. I have learned more about myself in the last two years than any other period of my life

44. I lived in Nebraska for about six months during my second pregnancy and in Las Vegas for seven years. I moved to Vegas from my little home grown country town when I was 19. Total and complete culture shock. I never miss Vegas. Ever. I’ve lived in Texas, Washington, Nebraska, Louisiana, Las Vegas, Arizona, Georgia. In all of my adult life, I’ve never lived in the same house/apartment or held the same job for more than three years. In 2008 we moved three different times. My grandmother says I have a gypsy soul. I think she might be right.

45. I recently discovered that I am a bit of an empath and talk of energy and how it affects us and the people around us absolutely fascinates me. Knowledge of both of those things makes my life make so much sense.

46. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I was recently asked why. Because I get to cook a lot of really delicious food for all the people who I love and because there are no gifts, only thoughts of thankfulness.

47. I am a people keeper. Once you are in my life, I tend to keep you there. Even if we don’t talk on any sort of regular basis, even if it’s been years since we’ve seen each other.. I will always be there for you.

Bonus: Holding your breath and swallowing gets rid of the hiccups. This one isn’t really about me, but I didn’t want to forget it 🙂 and I wanted to share it!

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