37 Million Cheaters…

37 million husbands/wives are cheating, just let that number sink in…..

When the infamous Ashley Madison site was hacked earlier this week, 37 million users’ information was put at risk of exposure. 37 MILLION husbands and wives losing sleep over being outed, being exposed, having their world turned on it’s head.

I say it every time I hear about someone who feels like they have to cheat and every time I see someone (real life or movies or tv or whatever) having to choose between two people they love… poly fucking rocks.

Don’t cheat. Communicate.
Don’t choose. Have them both.

Poly is a lovestyle that makes way more sense than monogamy EVER did… ever…


I don’t have to cheat. Daddy doesn’t have to cheat. We get to have our cake and eat it too. We get to explore the zings and develop new loves that compliment our current love. Our life is filled with laughter and wonder and amazement, filled to the brim with some of the most fantastic people on the face of this little rock we all call home.

If you’re gonna cheat, why not consider poly / open instead? It’s hard, but it hurts so much less than the betrayal and lies cheating requires. Not to mention, it’s much safer because in good poly / open relationships the partners are, at the very least, aware of each other and many times actually know each other. Each person holds their immediate partners accountable to keeping all of the partners safe by setting up safety policies and guidelines and insisting on safe sex practices, regular std testing, protocols for adding new partners, and making big relationships changes, etc. Everyone communicates. Everyone practices introspection and self accountability. Everyone works hard to own their own shit and work through the complications that arise… together…. to keep everyone happy.

Good poly / open relationships ensure that all the players are consenting to the possible risks that any new partners might bring, they spend lots and lots and lots of time communicating, talking through their feelings, emotions, fears, everything. They keep each other in the loop. Cheating is all done in secret… it’s so incredibly non-consensual… it’s so dangerous… there is so much potential for hurt and damage and exposures to risk s that can really never be undone.

Poly / open has drawn us closer together as we discuss the feelings and emotions and new discoveries that our other partners bring to our lives. It pushes us to grow, to see things in new perspectives and from different angles. It opens our eyes to ways to accept things that before poly / open we might have been totally closed off too. Being poly has exposed to us to so many new and wonderful experiences with each other, with our poly tribe, with our other lovers. It’s been a beautiful and amazing growing experience.

It’s very freeing. I love not having to be sneaky. I love not having to worry about getting caught cheating.

I just ask.

I love that.

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